I am Jen Welte, a trained Psychic/Medium, Tarot reader, and Paranormal Investigator. I realized at the young age of 6 that I was able to see and hear Spirit but didn’t start officially developing my abilities until late 2016 with Psychic/Medium Kim Moore.

After years of classes with Kim and a recently completed a year-long mentorship with Psychic/Medium Anthony Mrocka, I have gained many insights and tools to help navigate through life’s difficult questions and challenges. I offer heart-felt clarity in delivering messages from your loved ones as well. This work is my passion and my absolute joy.

I am here to help guide you, encourage you, and offer clarity about life’s challenges and changes. I would love to assist you in making your life as amazing as you are.

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Clients love her readings.

Her clients love her readings. Check out some of the feedback below.


“After my oldest daughter passed away, Jennifer was not only able to connect with her, but was instrumental in starting me down the path of healing. Her intuitiveness makes my really bad days easier to face, and often ends with laughs as Jennifer draws out my daughters quirky, funny personality. Her readings are always spot on and so is her advice. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a real, authentic connection to their loved ones.”




“I had a reading done by her and she was insanely accurate. It was so easy to talk with her. Her messages flowed. She is very gifted, never fished for information and yet she knew so many profound things. My Grandmother also came through in addition to messages about existing events and things to come. I would recommend her!!!”  

Lisa Ann



“I had a reading with Jennifer yesterday that quite frankly rocked my world. I have not experienced a reading before. I had not idea how emotionally vulnerable you are during them. I felt so safe to allow myself to open up and listen to her. The messages she shared with me were so personal and spot on. I am beyond grateful!”



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