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Trina Schneider is an Intuitive Channel, Angelic Reiki Master, Crystal Energy Healer and Master Herbal Tea Blender. She is passionate about helping others on their Earthy journeys with guidance, clarity and connection to Angel’s, Spirit Guides and Ancestors. In Trina’s healing services she uses crystals, pendulums and sound to help move stuck energy from the body by tuning into the Chakras and using her medical intuitive guides and Angels to light up areas that require attention. Trina uses her knowledge of herbs to help others heal their bodies naturally.

Trina’s spiritual journey has included several herbalism programs and summits, Reiki Healing with Crystals, Earth Magic Academy’s Self-Mastery and Into You Intuitive programs, Angelic Reiki 1, 2, 3, 4 & Metatron Methods, Shamanism 101, Crystal Alchemy, Akashic Records 1 & 2 and is a Sacred Priestess.

She is a student of the Spiritual path of Light and is constantly taking classes and learning from other healers. Trina regularly receives readings, clearings and healings from other practitioners to help raise her vibration and keeping her in alignment with her higher self and spirit team. She loves doing daily prayers, meditation, rituals, readings and healings and believes all of these are keys to being divinely guided and connected to Creator.

CONTACT: 720-334-7754


Intuitive/Akashic Record Readings

Trina has been doing professional readings for 4 years. Her clients love that she is so intune with them and able to uncover imbalances that are holding them back. Trina has a very kind, gentle approach to her readings. Her messages are delivered with the highest integrity and she has been called a “healing reader” as her readings often have a clearing effect, leaving the sitter feeling a sense of lightness, total clarity and empowerment.

  • 60 minutes $110
  • 30 minutes $60


Rose Reading

This intuitive psychic reading connects you to your 3 most relevant past lives, 3 of your main spirit guides, angels or ancestors and chakra reading.

  • 60 minutes $150



Sacred Balance Healing Session

Experience the transformative power of these intuitively guided sessions, featuring a card message, a Feather Way Shamanic clearing, and a crystal chakra balancing with Angelic Reiki.

  • 60 minutes $133


Angelic Reiki Healing Session

Angelic Reiki is a high frequency, multidimensional system of Angelic Healing and expansive consciousness that provides you with the healing connection through the Angelic Kingdom of Light. The Angelic Kingdom is totally in charge of the session.  

  • 45 minutes $75


Chakra Balancing OR Shamanic Clearing Sessions

  • Chakra Balancing: Crystal healing to rebalance and open channels of your chakra system (45 minutes, COST: $75)
  • Shamanic Clearing: Featherway method to clear blocks, imbalances and negative energy. (45 minutes, COST: $75)


“I have had many psychic readings in my lifetime, but Trina Schneider’s has been the most memorable. Usually, a psychic gives you an assortment of pertinent information, which I tend to forget after a while.  Trina focused my reading on a rose, using the opening of the flower as a symbol for the opening of the spirit.  My past life themes were associated with the stem. Trina then introduced me to my spirit guides—a strong support group! Finally, she created an image with my chakra colors and their impact on my aura.  This psychic artwork inspires me every day.  Whenever I see a rose, I am reminded of the personal information that Trina shared with me.  I would recommend her talents to anyone on the path of self-discovery!” 


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Sacred Sister Circle

Saturday, July 27th, 2024

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“This was my first reading with Trina, but not my first reading ever. I loved how she had her altar set up on the table in the space we entered. The energy was sacred and vibrant at the same time. She started the session with a beautiful prayer and wow, calmed me right down. I feel like I “got closer to myself” through the information she gave me. I loved it and will do another one with her again. :)”




“The readings I received from Trina were a gift of insight that were like missing puzzle pieces falling into place.  She brought forth information about family, health and career that were spot on.  Trina is a natural intuitive who connects and brings needed information forth with compassion.  I felt a truth and wisdom from Trina that I have not always felt from other psychics.  If you are lucky enough to have a reading with Trina you will walk enlightened and glad you did.”




“I had a superb reading with Trina. Feedback overall was very supportive, enlightening (no pun intended!), encouraging and healing. In particular I had an awareness about a relationship issue that was totally unexpected….and for which I am very grateful!”



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