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Spiritual Transformation Coach and Thought Leader

Raising Your Vibration

The universe does this thing where it aligns you with people, things and situations that match the energy you put out. The more you improve yourself and raise your vibration, the more you will see things that are beneficial to your well-being. (Keeper of the Diamond Light Codes)

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Living Divinity Energetic Upgrade Package

Shift your Energy and open up your treasure chest of gifts.  Gifts of abundance, vibrant health, spunky energy, clarity of your life purpose, happiness, peace and calm.  A session with Richelle will help shift you into your Energetic Best Self.  

Whom is this session best for?  Those that may be feeling overwhelmed, feeling that their energy is depleted and/or are ready to shed the 3D reality and step into a higher vibration of living.

Single session, 90 minutes, Living Divinity Energy Upgrade

Learn whom on your Divine Guide Team you work with, what they are drawing attention to and what directions you can take to upgrade your energy. 

We do this through opening your energy gateways.

  • Aligning and infusing your Chakras, which are your energy centers of the body. Having them at optimal health lets you bring in high vibe energy, increase your sexuality, step into your personal power, open your heart, speak your truth, follow your gut knowing and allow in the purest form of divine energy to clear out the old stagnant energy.  You will be streamlined and feel like a million bucks.
  • Soft Cord Cutting, severing the energy from people, places and situations that are ‘stealing’ your energy and holding you back from living a high vibrational life.  You will feel lighter, more energetic, powerful and protected knowing that you aren’t giving away your good energy where it isn’t reciprocated. 
  • Restoring your 4 Elements (Earth, Water, Air and Fire.) Earth is how you manifest abundance, love and peace. Water is how you flow around obstacles. Air is utilizing the highest vibrational energy you can handle. Fire is fanning the flames of your creativity, power and high vibrational love.
  • Anchor in the highest vibration of energy you can hold into your physical DNA. We’re letting go of the old stagnant energy and bringing in the upgraded energy, so you feel stronger, more confident, hopeful and ready to take on the world.
  • Calling back in your energy that you give away every day to others.  If you are feeling depleted, this exercise will fill in your energy body with your beautiful energy.  This ritual will also help you attract other high vibrational people, new work opportunities and situations that fit your forward-thinking goals. 
  • Learn what Divine Energies you work with and how you can work together to achieve optimal health, wealth and happiness. 

Each session is recorded at the time of the debrief.  You will receive an email with some ideas on how to work with the energies that came through for you.  

As a Bonus, you will receive a semi-precious crystal that you will hold during our session together.  This crystal will hold the upgraded energy you absorb and have access to every time you work with it during your day. 

As a second bonus, you will receive an energy protection ritual so you can set your energetic space every day and feel confident that other people’ aren’t tapping into your beautiful energy.

Energy Exchange: $150

Payments preferred: Venmo, Paypal, credit card, or cash

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Richelle offers a variety of classes and events at DYSG. Check out some of her offerings: 

  • Channeling
  • Chakra Series
  • Gridworking on Gaia



"Richelle provides a beautiful, sacred healing space for her sessions. She has such a loving and compassionate approach with her healing gifts. I was able to let go and receive. Her messages were powerful and enlightening. I am looking forward to scheduling my next session. The experience was five stars!!!! I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to let go and receive divine light into their life." Vialet

"It has been 16 days since my session with Richelle. I am telling you that I am having a transformational experience. I felt different immediately. Richelle is accomplished and trained in many metaphysical healing techniques and she uses her skills creatively, gently, kindly, professionally. The experience was so lovely, fun and entertaining she is really creative. I felt safe and protected every minute. My experience matched what she picked up. This does not seem like a coincidence to me. This was a wonderful and effective healing session. I recommend Richelle 100 percent." Cynthia

"Richelle is Amazing! After our session I felt great, had more energy and felt realigned, balanced and grounded. Go see her!" Mikki

"The giraffe was a huge hit…thank you for all of the mindfulness you put into your ‘pets!’ It certainly makes them special!" Karla

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