Jason Antalek

As a teacher, Jason enjoys the interaction with those who attend his classes and workshops. Some of the best learning happens while teaching. Being a perpetual student has place in Jason’s life, but as an instructor he is able to share his authenticity and enthusiasm, speaking through personal experience. He shares what works for him and ensures that there is more than one way to achieve a desired result.

Classes Offered

Akashic Shamanism© Workshops
Akashic Shamanism© is a modality that Jason has created based on his years reading in the Akashic Records. During those years he naturally reconnected with shamanic practices from previous lifetimes. The basis for Akashic Shamanism© is receiving the love and wisdom of the records while staying grounded in our human experience. By offering multiple techniques and meditations for participants, a variety of access points to the Akashic Records open that are unique to each student. The deepest goal is to connect to the Records’ energies already present in our bodies. Through these links people are able to gain understanding of themselves, face uncomfortable habitual behaviors, and live a life they design.
This workshop is offered in one day and two day versions, allowing for flexibility in attendance.

Akashic Shamanism© Meetup
In addition, Jason hosts an Akashic Shamanism© Meetup on the second Thursday of each month. This $20 meeting is fun, interactive and experiential. Every meeting is different but the intention is always the same; share different ways of access the Akashic Records though shamanic practices. Sometimes we meet with our spirit animals, sometimes we have angels, all this through meditation, shamanic journeying and meditation.

Shamanic Tools Workshops
Jason also has workshops for the creation of shamanic tools. Creating your own tools within ceremony is extremely rewarding. A few items we make are drums and drum sticks, rattles, smudging fans, feather fans, with additional workshops added as dictated by participant interests.

These workshops series are repeated throughout the year to allow people to drop in at any point and make their tools, knowing they can create all the basic pieces in about 6 months. Jason and Corinne Echols have teamed up to provide well rounded instruction while adding new components regularly.


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