Salina Leslie

Type of Readings

Each reading is very personalized to your needs. The session usually begins as a conversation about whatever topic you have questions about. During the conversation, I will receive information from my guides, your guides, angels, or loved ones that have passed to bring clarity and guidance to the situation. Sometimes I receive questions for you that lead you to your own conclusions. I may use oracle cards, a pendulum or other divination tools. I specialize in personal and spiritual growth, relationships, energy clearing, self acceptance and giving you tools to help you “love your light, love your life.”


Salina has been using her gifts since she was a child. She is a multi-generational clairvoyant and innate healer. Salina grew up in a rough neighborhood in the Detroit area. She was raised in a strong Christian family and was blessed to have a mother that nurtured and accepted her abilities. She began communicating with angels at age 7 when they appeared in her living room to sing with her. Salina feels that her childhood showed her the best and worst in people and those experiences are part of the foundation that she uses in her guidance and healing sessions today. Also, Salina is a Universal Life minister and Angelic Reiki Master.


“You hold a very special place in my heart as you gave me hope when I had none. You were there for me before I knew that I needed you and, most of all, you taught me to believe in myself.” Chelsea

“Salina Leslie is a blessed being of love and light. I began seeing Salina in the midst of a very contentious divorce. Her angelic Reiki work has illuminated my own path of love and light at a time when it would have been far easier for me to lie in the trenches of depression and anxiety some days. She possesses an intuitive skill to forecast the stones, oils, sprays and angels that will be needed for your session with her. I feel like a celebrated guest when I enter Salina’s healing space. Every detail has been pre-meditated. As I ascend to higher places within my own Being, I trust Salina will be a powerful guiding light and companion on my path well into the future.” Gina

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