Samantha Gonzales

Greetings. My name is Samantha. I am a fifth generation reader, with the same cards my great grandmother received from an elder in her hometown of old Las Vegas, New Mexico, in the early 1900s. I have learned the same craft my great-grandmother used, while incorporating my own techniques I taught myself over the years. I inherited my cards at the age of 15, but learned to read them at the age of 10.

(DISCLAIMER: I have recreated my current deck to the best of my ability to resemble my original deck and I have incorporated new cards to reflect the changing times.(The delicacy of these cards is too much for the original deck to handle a regular reader, Though I will always bring them with me for my clients to see.)

I do a traditional style of reading, which will help those trying to navigate through life and just need to find insight to follow their natural intuition. I have met many skeptics in my life, until they feel the energy these cards hold. I am then able to open the most weariest of minds.

Samantha Gonazales

Types of Readings

Samantha uses a very special deck of cards that have been re-created from a deck that given to her family in the 1800's. She has created her own technique of reading the cards. She has been doing readings with her deck of cards, since the age of 10. 

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"Samantha has read my cards two or three times and every time they're spot on! She is a natural and the cards are the real deal!! If you have your cards read by her, I promise you wont be disappointed!" Shaylyn G

"After receiving a tarot reading from Samantha, I felt a sense of relief after meeting with her in regards to my future and current things I have been dealing with. I felt ease and comfortable with the whole reading, with it being my first time, My reading was spot on target and made sense with certain situations that I had been wondering or needed guidance on. I have always been a skeptical of readings, but my view changed after meeting with her. A sense of hopelessness that I felt before, diminished after meeting with her. I would highly recommend Samantha and have no doubt in my mind that you will feel comfortable and have many questions answered." Kristina C
"Samantha has been reading for me for a long time, and every time I felt a change happening in my life, I will go to Samantha for a reading and each time it has been eerily correct. she explains the card formations in a way that is on point and makes sense in my current life." Rey E
"I had my first reading with Samantha at a turning point in my life and it really struck a chord with me. She explained what the cards represented and how they may relate to my personal life very well. What she had to say really inspired me. it was a lovely reading and it made me feel a lot better." Ryan S

"The reader was amazing. She sensed some cards lingered from the previous client (it was making no sense to me and she saw it wasn’t). She is gifted." Cathy Young

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