Setting Your Space

Are you moving into a new space or remodeling a space and would like to set your space with energetic intentions and positive energy? When you are starting with a blank area, you can create a space that supports you, your business and your family depending. 

You may be looking to create a space that brings in:

  • Business, prosperity and clients
  • Strong and healthy family connections
  • Loving relationships and attracts your partner
  • Calming, peaceful and healthy balance in your life
  • Creativity, innovation and artistic wisdom and people

Vialet can help you create a space that supports your intentions and brings in the sacred experience of a warm and inviting location for anyone that enters the space.  

“Your space will either support you and everyone that works or lives in the space OR it will block the flow of energy. It is important that you always create the space that will best support you and others.” 

You will want to schedule a consultation with Vialet before you finish walls, flooring and/or painting within the space. She will spend time with you discussing your needs and intentions, so that she can provide you will the best direction on setting the space.  Vialet will explain to you the approach and the work that will be done.  

Note: It is important that the family, friends and/or co-workers be involved in the process if they are going to be living, working or spending lots of time in the space. 

Note for the workplace: The client must have written approval from the business owner before any services will be provided.



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