Shane Sale

 Graduated from Utah College of Massage Therapy in 1998 with a focus in sports massage and chronic pain. He didn't realize it at the time, but it marked the beginning of his journey...

...A journey which led him to discover there was more to the world than what you could physically see. He became consciously aware of his inner light.

...In his 20 plus years of experience, he has taught hundreds of students.  Classes vary from massage classes to Developing your own Intuition.  

2014 was another leap in his journey when he became a medical intuitive. All of his external/internal trainings over the years raised his energetic vibrations.

...Today, he incorporates his years of trainings and Intuitive guidance into each session.  His passion is to be of service to others by helping them heal.

Shane Sale



Shane Sale is a gifted healer. He started out as a massage therapist 22 years ago. Over the years his intuitive abilities became clearer. His whole practice changed in 2016, owning all of his intuitive abilities for the first time. In 2016 he became a Medical Intuitive. In 2018, he deepened his Medical Intuition skills by learning to work with the DNA. Shane and spirit work with people to help heal genetic diseases, broken bones, reactivate DNA, clear beliefs that no longer are serving you. 14 of his 22 years was dedicated to teaching. He taught at two massage schools in Phoenix Arizona and two massage schools in Denver Colorado. Shane continues to integrate all of his intuitive/bodywork and teaching skills in his practice. He currently offers classes on: Medical Intuition, DNA Practitioner Training and Developing your Intuition.

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