The intention of SoulCollage® is to offer a flexible, creative, accessible, and inclusive tool that can be used as a practice for exploring, healing, and empowering personal and collective evolution, so that each one of us can manifest our SoulEssence (our unique potential) locally and globally in increasingly balanced, compassionate, and joy-filled forms, both individually and in community. The SoulCollage® motto was written collectively by the SoulCollage® community and expresses the empowering intent of SoulCollage®: Discover Your Wisdom. Change Your World.
SoulCollage is an intuitive Collage process for Self discovery and Community.  Using the SoulCollage process everyone becomes an instant artist, and we also become explorers of our Soul. Using our imagination, and intuition with a few powerful, cut out images, you create your SoulCollage card. Gradually you can create your deck of very personal cards.   The simple fun of creating these simple cards are the surprising ways they help you explore your Soul, your shadow, and your inborn gifts.
Anyone can make can create SoulCollage cards!  Your deck will become a visual journey, one with beauty and meaning and also with flexibility, so it evolves with you.  Collage is a metaphor for any discovering, gathering and renewing of energy-bits already formed and present in the universe.  A new and personal creation can be made from the ever-present divine chaos of images all around us. Just choose, name and then inhabit your SoulCollage cards.
SoulCollage® was created by Founder Seena B. Frost (1932-2016). Seena was a licensed Marriage & Family therapist and held Master’s degrees in psychology and theology. Seena was a teacher and an inspiration as the SoulCollage® community grew into a worldwide organization.
People who are attracted to SoulCollage® are usually motivated to do self-discovery and are attracted to the opportunity of doing so in community with like-minded people. They fall in love with this creative method, wherein anyone is able to make satisfying, meaningful personal art and use it to answer their own life’s questions.

SoulCollage® is a transformative method, has many applications, and involves images and glue, The SoulCollage® method helps us discover our unique inner/outer guides and challengers in life.

We explore and express ourselves by making cards, sharing cards, journaling, and consulting our cards about our own life questions. SoulCollage® is a trademarked method which abides by the “Principles of SoulCollage®.

“The cards in our SoulCollage® deck contain an intensely personal collection of icons, symbols which weave through our life and our heart. They help us create meaning and connect our very personal story to the Larger Story.

Our SoulCollage® cards remind us of our ineffable experiences as well as the concrete words we have have journaled or spoken aloud using the voices of the cards. Through personal practice with the SoulCollage® method, we breathe life into our deck.

Our Soul’s evolving collage mirrors us. Our deck holds the reflection of our journey, our relationships, our values, our interests, our purposes, the Shadow’s gold we have retrieved, our very essence—the self we have come to love.”
Many people have a regular practice with their SoulCollage® cards, drawing a card for the day, journaling with cards, and consulting them. You can use SoulCollage® for intuitive guidance with healing, spiritual direction, career changes, coaching, and with life transitions of all kinds. Many licensed therapists use the SoulCollage® method with their clients as an expressive arts technique.

Rhonda Marr, L.Ac. 

Rhonda Marr, L.Ac. is the Acupuncturist and owner of Acupuncture Specialists of Golden.  She has been an avid crafter/artist and teacher for over twenty years. 

Rhonda is was born and raised in the rural countryside of Williams Township, Pennsylvania.  She grew up making various craft and herbal items, everything from baking to sewing, candle making, etc.  While residing in Kissimmee, Florida, in the 1990's, she perfected her craft in Cold Process Soap making, herbal body care products and candle making.  She sold her products at various New Age stores in the Orlando, Florida area and began teaching soap and candle making in Orlando, Florida.  After relocating to rural Central New York, she then sold her items at the local Farmer's Market, before opening her own herbal store and learning center,  Sweet Violet Botanicals in Marathon, New York.

During her fifteen years of residing in New York, she completed her Master's Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and opened her practice, Closer to Home Acupuncture, in Cortland, New York.  She also learned the craft of Rug making using the Twining Loom, and became a Certified Aroma Acupoint practitioner, using specific essential oils on Acupuncture points, and she began her studies in Reiki and in Tarot and Oracle Card reading. She continued to teach classes in Herbal Medicine Making, Cold Process Soap Making and Tarot card reading.

Rhonda relocated to Colorado in 2015.  She resides in Coal Creek Canyon, in Golden, with her partner, Allen and their two crazy dogs.

Her love of creativity, art and card reading led her to explore and learn more about the process of SoulCollage. After attending a few local SoulCollage workshops she decided to continue her education in SoulCollage and became a SoulCollage Facilitator in March of 2020. There are roughly about 4,000 to 5,000 facilitators, Worldwide.  Rhonda enjoys making cards that are intuitive as well as reflective of the Soul and current and past situations.   The Card making and sharing of each Card's meaning enlightens the card maker and allows us to grow and overcome any past or current conditions in our lives.  Card making in a group allows us to develop a Community and deepens our relationships and friendships with others while exploring our depths in a safe and nurturing environment.

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