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Home Space Clearing

When was the last time you cleared the energies of your home? Have you moved into a new home and you want to bless the space? This process clears the energy in your home and brings blessing and intentions into your space. No matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs, this is an important step for a new home and space. 

“To the Divine Spirit (or Universal Energy, God, etc.) in lighting this candle, I am declaring this home be filled with Light, love, harmony, peace and prosperity. May it be blessed with good health, happiness, and financial abundance. May this home be sacred, safe and calming for anyone that enters. May it be protected from all negative energy and harm. Thank you for these blessings and protection. So be it and so it is.”


This ancient tradition will clear the energies within your home and new space. You can find this tradition in many different religions and spiritual belief systems. It is very important that the space is cleared before completing a house blessing. 

The house will need to be clean and tidy before a clearing can be done. 

The Blessing

The blessing invites positive energies and intentions into your home. As you may have noticed, your space reflects and affects your daily life. If you have not shown respect to your home (excessive clutter or dirtiness), your home will not provide you will a peaceful place. A home is meant to be blessed with love, respect and gratitude for it provides to your life. 

Note: The client must have written approval from the business owner before any services will be provided.  

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