Spiritual Conversations

Are you seeking some guidance and direction on your spiritual journey? Would you like to have someone to support you in improving your life? 

Vialet is a spiritual leader that has a passion for helping individuals on their spiritual journey. She started her spiritual quest for information and clarity in 2003. Her master teachers and guides have been guiding and teaching her for years to be able to open the center in Littleton, CO. Vialet teaches a wide-variety of spiritual classes at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts. She has written 30+ books for her classes and programs. 

Awakening to New Things

When you begin to awaken to your gifts, it can be overwhelming transitioning into your divine purpose. As your world begins to shift, it can be emotionally and mentally exhausting and exciting at the same time. Most individuals do not know where to start. They are pulled in several directions and their search for answers can lead to more and more questions. It can be very helpful to have someone to answer your questions and to guide you along the path of your passions and purpose. 

Needing more Joy

Some individuals are seeking to bring in more joy and happinesss in their life. They have gotten stuck along their way and cannot seem to find the Light in their life. These individuals need someone that can assist them in creating more happiness in their lives. When you get stuck in cycles, it can be difficult to jump start your life again without some help. Vialet loves to assist people in bringing in their purpose and divinity, so that they can live the life that they dreamed of having in this lifetime. 


Vialet will meet with you and guide you along your path based on your needs and goals. This program is designed to provide you with positive influences in your life, so you can move into a life filled with joy and happiness. You will be scheduled to meet with Vialet every two weeks. These meetings can be scheduled in-person or remotely. 

Spiritual Conversations


40 minutes


Spiritual Conversations

Remote (Zoom)

40 minutes


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