Stefanie Serda

I connect others to their soul voice. I provide channeled messages from spirit. I hope to be of service to you with prayer rock readings to answer questions, solve problems, or offer insights from higher self and your spiritual team: spirit guides, angles, and loved ones who have journeyed to spirit world.

Why Prayer Rocks? I have designed these rocks to teach others how to unite with their own soul voice. Each rock has its own energy & connects you to universal oneness. The rock represents the emotion associated to the word placed on the rock, the rock carries this energy. Each rock represents an area of our lives that we wish to heal, improve, work on, or rejoice in.

A Medium Clairvoyant my spiritual journey began at 4 communicating with spirit guides who led me to safety; at 12 I had my first medium experience with my deceased grandfather coming to comfort my mother during her grief. At 17 I was in an accident with a head injury resulting in an out of body experience to spirit realm. I did not fully accept my gifts until my late 30’s, when I finally recognized how to help others, by connecting individuals to their own soul voice.

I have a B.A. in Business Administration, a mentoring certificate, and have studied with teachers regarding the use of intuitive energy. I have studied aspects of spirituality and metaphysics for 10+ years

Stefanie Serda ULC Minister
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Medium readings; I communicate messages and in some cases offer peace/closure from loved ones who have traveled to spirit world.

Spiritual coaching offering deeper clarity in life; channeled messages from spirit, spirit guides, and techniques to tap into your own soul voice & soul purpose.
My mission is to connect others with their soul voice. I assist others on their life path through spiritual mentoring by teaching others to tap into their own intuitive skills.

I hope to be of service to the awakening process, finding your own soul voice.

Remote Readings

Stefanie is offering remote readings while the center is closed. You may schedule directly with her. 

  • $50 for 30 minutes
  • $90 for 60 minutes


I had the pleasure of having a reading done by Stefanie a few years ago and I have to say, Stefanie's ability is the real deal and a true gift.

As colleagues, our communication prior to my reading was simply that of regular work banter, nothing in depth or personal. One afternoon, we decided to grab dinner near the office after work and during our time together, Stefanie began to feel the presence of my grandfather who had passed about 18 years prior. Being a tad bit skeptical, I listened and she began to ask me questions about him. As Stefanie began to describe my grandfathers physical stature, style, and the very nickname his friends called him, the hairs on my arms and legs began to stand. She had my full attention at this point. There was such precision with her vision of him, that it was as if he was sitting at the table with us. With the tears rolling down my face, Stefanie tapped into key details and amazing memories of mine and his relationship that not even my closest friends and family were even privy to. She helped me gain closure on two specific topics that had been haunting me for nearly 2 decades since his passing and gave me the comfort of knowing he is always with me and is proud of the man I have become today.

It's difficult to put into exact words the experience and emotions I felt during my reading. Stefanie made me feel extremely comfortable the entire time, understanding that such a deep moment like that can evoke so many different emotions. The entire experience was nothing short of an out of body moment.

I am eternally grateful to have had this experience through Stefanie and would highly recommend her to anyone who is wanting to connect with a loved one, curious, or even just need clarity on any daily struggles you may be facing. Her gift is real, it's honest, and she communicates from her heart. - Aaron


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