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I am excited to be at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts on Mondays, taking private appointments and offering classes, with the intention of being there full-time in the near future!

Susanah Tamar Magdalena has been called to bring forth empowerment through accountability and responsibility in all she brings forth.  In the dedication of herself to these aspects of life, she has a determination born of perseverance to see this through.  

She has studied different avenues of Spirituality throughout the past 30 years and in this she has found one constant theme.  This is to bring forth individual masculine/feminine harmony.  After this is accomplished as fully as possible in the human conditioning, then and only then are we even somewhat prepared for relationships of all types that come into our daily lives.

We are all cosmic beings on a Divine Journey to bring forth "oneness" and in this Understanding we truly are The Source of all Wisdom.  This is seeded into us from Soul Origin and it is this we carry forth as we work to perfect our character throughout our lives.

  • She is called by Mary, The Magdalene - Channel, High Priestess and Magdalene Healing Master.
  • She is called by the Archangel Michael - Battle Healer/Healer of Warriors.
  • She is "Cheaylia" (KeyHolder) of the origins and stories of the Lemurians.
  • She is one who holds Sacred the Andromeda Gateway and who brings forth the emissary known as Aharona אַהֲרֹנָה (Exalted Light).


Clairvoyant Channeled Messages (Readings) – 45min-1hour Investment: $94.00

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Tree of Life Reading – This is offered in “steps” as this is quite in-depth. Let me know you’d like this type of reading and I will collect some information from you and do the reading. You and I will then schedule a time together where I will share the information as it presents itself. Investment: $139.00
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Private Channeled Sessions (offered in a succession of movement of energy)
Ascension Integration – offered as the introductory session offering the individual information and healing regarding easing into personal ascension process through channeled messages and healing.
1 ½ hour – Session & Discussion Investment: $139.00

Ascension Integration Activations – offered in a 4-part sequence of succession.
Included – activations that work with individual energies through numeric coding, sound frequencies, scent and more.
  • Session I   This is the Tikkun Olam תיקון עולם (Repair of the World)  Transference Investment: $139.00

  • Session II        This is the Christ Consciousness/Forgiveness Transference
  • Session III       This is the LOVE Transference
  • Session IV      This is the Compassion Transference
Aharona's Exalted Light DNA Activations (following the sessions above) Investment: $94.00
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Healing of The Magdalene (private session) Investment: $75.00

This is the healing vibration as offered in the time of Christ from the Master Yeshua, The Magdalene and those of us who followed, healed and taught. This is the energy of the healing Christ Consciousness.
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I have found Susanah to be spiritually gifted in many areas that have been helpful to me and others. Her channeling is done with clarity and she is quite comfortable with bringing through different spiritual entities and their messages. Susanah can bring through healing in many different forms that support the client. I am happy to recommend her to others who could use her services.
-Dave Barnett

Susanah, You truly have a gift.  I’m blown away by your accuracy and your clarification does indeed help me more than I can say.  Thank you so much.  You will be hearing from me again I am sure!

"Wow, our guides (and those in spirit) never cease to amaze me! They always know what we need to hear."

I have received numerous healings and incredibly in-depth downloads of knowledge for my own Soul journey through the uniquely powerful one-on-one healing sessions that I have done with Susanah Magdalena. I have never worked with a healer with the unique skills that she has--to hold space for Spirit, to channel Divine messages, and to give my mental/physical/emotional/energetic body the healing and attunement it needs all at the same time. The sessions leave me at a place of new openings--always to the next right learning on my path of healing and ascension. There are times when our spiritual work needs to be done in partnership with others, and there are times when we work alone. I am grateful for the work we continue to do, because on these journeys, we do need each other. And Susanah's own light-filled spirit always makes it fun. Thank you for what you do!!

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Susanah's Schedule at the Center

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  • Thursday Noon - 8 pm
  • Friday Noon - 8 pm
  • Friday Noon - 8 pm
  • Saturday Noon - 8 pm

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