Susanah Magdalena

Type of Readings

Clairvoyant Channeled Messages *occasionally utilizing Tarot and/or Oracle. This offers the seeker the opportunity to explore what is in their highest and best regardless of the question in that the message comes directly from source energies - including the higher self.


I have been on this journey for 25+ years and have been inspired by so many. My Reiki Master, Heidi Weatherred was my Mentor for my 1st 3 years of opening and at that time she told me I had outgrown her and it was time to move on. I then studied with a Zen Master for approximately 2 years. During this time I intensely studied Aromatherapy in conjunction with Young Living Essential Oils – primarily with Gary Young. I have continually sought to find out all I could to answer my never-ending questions.

My Path is that of Gnosis for it is through direct experience that I gain personal enlightenment and transformation. My favorite teaching is Kabbalah. My primary teacher is Mary, The Magdalene who is as ever-present for me as she has always been … past, present and future.

I have been called by the Archangel Michael – Battle Healer/Healer of Warriors
I am called by Mary, The Magdalene – Channel & High Priestess

I am referred to by Mary, The Magdalene and the Master Yeshua as Healer and Teacher of The Magdalene Healings (developed at the time of Christ by me and the Master Yeshua)

I am known as Cheaylia (KeyHolder) to the ‘lost’ Memories of Lemuria.

I am a reader and healer with First Spiritual Science Church where I am also the Reader Facilitator.
I have previously served on the Board of First Spiritual Science Church and am currently on the Board of Global Spiritual Fellowship. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, Aromatherapist and overall Seeker of Truth. I am one who is constantly working towards developing and perfecting my character through unconventional means. 

My soul longs to be part of the beauty of community. I see Vialet and DYSG as holding this potential!


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