Susanah Tamar Magdalena

Susanah Tamar Magdalena has been called to bring forth empowerment through accountability and responsibility in all she brings forth.  In the dedication of herself to these aspects of life, she has a determination born of perseverance to see this through.  

She has studied different avenues of Spirituality throughout the past 30 years and in this she has found one constant theme.  This is to bring forth individual masculine/feminine harmony.  After this is accomplished as fully as possible in the human conditioning, then and only then are we even somewhat prepared for relationships of all types that come into our daily lives.

We are all cosmic beings on a Divine Journey to bring forth "oneness" and in this Understanding we truly are The Source of all Wisdom.  This is seeded into us from Soul Origin and it is this we carry forth as we work to perfect our character throughout our lives.

Classes Offered

Healing of the Magdalene – This teaching is developed by Susanah Magdalena as a healing program that will offer certificate of completion. This 7-part teaching is rich in ritual, meditation, prayer – deeper ways of connecting to the soul source where our innate healing nature steps forward in a rich and powerful manner.
A number of introductions to the Healing of The Magdalene are offered prior to the Teaching Series that will begin in December.
*Following the teaching program, a master/teacher Certification – Healing of The Magdalene will be offered.

Are You a Magdalene– offered as a discussion, sharing, caring and healing group for those who intimately connect with the Divine Feminine in that it is in harmony when united with the Divine Masculine. This group is inclusive for women and for men.

Beloved Channeled Messages– offered in a group setting where powerful energies are invited to come forth. As an Open Channel, Susanah Magdalene facilitates a beautiful evening of empowerment. The messages that come through do so with the highest intent for all – the individual as well as each person in the group. When in a group setting no message is within the energy of singularity but rather within the integrity of the entire group’s needs, desires, hopes and aspirations.

Kabbalah Class Series – offered in a IX part class series. Susanah brings forth the Beauty of the Tree of Life and how this practical teaching can be seen, applied and experienced in every day life. Through this teaching lies empowerment of the understanding and wisdom that each of us is the creator of our world. Through accountability and responsibility we are elevated to a new place of awareness of the microcosm and the macrocosm nature of all that is around us.

7 Steps to Successful Spiritual Business – offered is insight into a 7-Step beginning process that is foundational to stepping into a Successful Spiritual Business. After attending the Introduction – Spiritual Business Mentoring to individuals that need a little extra assistance in working through the 7 Steps and beyond.

Susanah offers a variety of individual classes, groups and more that are not listed. In this is a variety of other ways to experience and develop individual spirituality.


I loved the kabbalah classes, Susanah is very knowledgeable on the topic and she uses a lot of examples to make it easier to understand. Kabbalah is very deep teachings and there is a lot to absorb so the interactive setting and Susanah's intuitive gifts make it interesting and enjoyable.   

Susanah is a wonderfully wise and accessible teacher. It is a blessing to have both of those qualities be so distinct. They allow Susanah to distill even very complex teachings into packets that students can easily grasp. My husband and I attended her powerful and robust Kabbalah class earlier this year, and we both came into the class from completely different places of understanding. We both received immense value from the information and the interactions in class. I love how Susanah is able to weave the spiritual, metaphysical aspects of all that she teaches with the everyday practical applications. She is truly a gift for newcomers and seasoned seekers alike!

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