Tom Herold

Vialet and Tom were married in the summer of 2015. Shortly after Tom and Vialet were married, Tom was concerned about Vialet working so hard in her profession. He asked Vialet about her dreams and aspirations. Vialet shared with Tom that she had always wanted to open a spiritual center to help others. He has encouraged her to reach for her dreams and has supported her along her journey. 

Tom is affectionately known as "Tom the Skeptic" and he has worked in our fairs providing fatherly advice to the attendees. 

Tom is an active participant in the center. He is an aerospace engineer that is guided by the science of the world versus a religious or spiritual belief system. Vialet believes that we need to honor everyone's journey in life and she wants everyone to be welcomed in the community and center at DYSG. 

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Some of Tom's favorite hobbies are taking professional photographs, turning wood into beautiful bowls and building knives. Tom sets up a photo booth during our Holiday Craft Bazaar and takes holiday photos of individual and families. Tom likes to take photos of the classes and events, so don't be surprised if you catches a photo of you next time you are in the center.

They live close to Southlands Mall in SE Aurora. 

Ask Tom about his books that he is written about relationships and communications for men and women. He would love to share his perspective with you. 

Tom Herold

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