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Trina Schneider

Trina Schneider is an Intuitive Channel, Angelic Reiki Master, Crystal Energy Healer and Master Herbal Tea Blender. She is passionate about helping others on their Earthy journeys with guidance, clarity and connection to Angel's, Spirit Guides and Ancestors. In Trina's healing services she uses crystals, pendulums and sound to help move stuck energy from the body by tuning into the Chakras and using her medical intuitive guides and Angels to light up areas that require attention. Trina uses her knowledge of herbs to help others heal their bodies naturally.

Trina has been doing professional readings for 3 years. Her clients love that she is so intune with them and able to uncover imbalances that are holding them back. Trina has a very kind, gentle approach to her readings. Her messages are delivered with the highest integrity and she has been called a "healing reader" as her readings often have a clearing effect, leaving the sitter feeling a sense of lightness, total clarity and empowerment.

Trina's spiritual journey has included several herbalism programs and summits, Reiki Healing with Crystals, Earth Magic Academy's Self-Mastery and Into You Intuitive programs, Angelic Reiki 1, 2, 3, 4 & Metatron Methods, Shamanism 101, Crystal Alchemy, Akashic Records 1 & 2 and is a Sacred Priestess. She is a student of the Spiritual path of Light and is constantly taking classes and learning from other healers. Trina regularly receives readings, clearings and healings from other practitioners to help raise her vibration and keeping her in alignment with her higher self and spirit team. She loves doing daily prayers, meditation, rituals, readings and healings and believes all of these are keys to being divinely guided and connected to Creator.

Trina Schneider 


Classes with Trina

Tea Time with Trina

Brain Health

Friday, July 28th at 6:30 PM

Tea Time with Trina

Digestive Health

Friday, August 25th at 6:30 PM

Tea Time with Trina

Immune Support

Friday, September 15th at 6:30 PM

Tea Time with Trina

Women's Health

Friday, October 20th at 6:30 PM

Dia De Los Muertos

Wednesday, November 1st at 4 PM

Dia De Los Muertos

Wednesday, November 1st at 6:30 PM


"Trina, thank you so much for the knowledge you shared! I really did learn a lot, so thank you thank you! I was so eager to get home and use the knowledge I was able to gain from your class and I made my own with a little, ‘intuitive twist’ on the happy tea! Fresh mint and dried mint from my garden, cinnamon since I couldn’t find clove, hibiscus, rose petals for an extra yummy umph, and lemon balm❤️ my boyfriend loves it too!" Makenzie

"You, my dear friend, where sensational last night. Sold out class, incredibly educational and spiritually enlightening!!! Your presentation & format was of the highest quality!" Lynn


You may schedule an appointment with Trina by calling the center at 720.573.4275.

She is available on Saturdays. She offers virtual readings, you can email her to schedule a virtual session at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


"Trina's gifts are wonderful and I felt really blessed to have a reading with her. She is one of my favorite readers. She always surprises with what she knows from the divine that no one else has known." Alicia H.

"I have had many psychic readings in my lifetime, but Trina Schneider’s has been the most memorable. Usually, a psychic gives you an assortment of pertinent information, which I tend to forget after a while.  Trina focused my reading on a rose, using the opening of the flower as a symbol for the opening of the spirit.  My past life themes were associated with the stem. Trina then introduced me to my spirit guides—a strong support group! Finally, she created an image with my chakra colors and their impact on my aura.  This psychic artwork inspires me every day.  Whenever I see a rose, I am reminded of the personal information that Trina shared with me.  I would recommend her talents to anyone on the path of self-discovery!" Jacqueline 

"I love Trina! She is the most nonjudgemental person I know. Very open and very wise. She gives accurate information and her advice is always wonderful and works! She is so very beautiful in her loving approach to assisting me with issues. Thank you so much!" Carol D.

"The readings I received from Trina were a gift of insight that were like missing puzzle pieces falling into place.  She brought forth information about family, health and career that were spot on.  Trina is a natural intuitive who connects and brings needed information forth with compassion.  I felt a truth and wisdom from Trina that I have not always felt from other psychics.  If you are lucky enough to have a reading with Trina you will walk enlightened and glad you did." Jacquelyn

"Trina is amazing, wonderful human and spirit, very clear and fun. LOVED HER and the experience. I've already referred people to her and shared the wonderful experience. Thank you!" Renee S.

"I knew Trina was my people the minute I met her, my reading just solidified it." Lesley

"The insight I received was well beyond what I was expecting, and reinforced what I had been feeling.. I can not wait for my next reading!" Tanja

"I really appreciate the energy of the shop & Trina's reading room. I think even though I speak a slightly different dialect spiritually, we really connected & communicated." Anonymous

"This was my first reading with Trina, but not my first reading ever. I loved how she had her altar set up on the table in the space we entered. The energy was sacred and vibrant at the same time. She started the session with a beautiful prayer and wow, calmed me right down. I feel like I "got closer to myself" through the information she gave me. I loved it and will do another one with her again. :)" Carol

"Trina will leave me a bit like a deer in the headlights wondering how she picked up on X, Y or Z. I look forward to seeing her again soon." Anonymous

"Trina was amazing! I cannot stop talking about my reading and recommending her to others! I will definitely be back!" Tara S.

"Trina offered every possible way to help along my spiritual transformation. I am using her recommendations as we speak. I love that she said I could stay in touch with her. It was an awesome experience." C.C.

"Really insightful and made me think about my current situation in a more holistic way." Rita

"Trina took time and listened to what I was looking for and her insight gave me so many choices to use to deepen my own spiritual practice. I highly recommend her service!" Marie

"I was inspired and motivated by the reading. Trina's work is original and different than any reading I have had. I think it is going to stick with me." C.W.

"I had a superb reading with Trina. Feedback overall was very supportive, enlightening (no pun intended!), encouraging and healing. In particular I had an awareness about a relationship issue that was totally unexpected....and for which I am very grateful!" Ardythe

"I loved my Rose reading with Trina. She is a very gifted soul. The reading was spot on. I'm honored she could do my reading. I learned things about me that I never knew. I'm looking forward to having another reading in the near future." Diana F.

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