Trina Schneider

Trina is an intuitive reader who connects people to their past lives and spirit guides to help them on their spiritual journey. She also reads the Aura to uncover what is most relevant, helpful and healing at the time of the reading. She is also an Angelic Reiki practitioner and uses crystals as tools to help with healings.

Trina has had spirit guide connections since she was a young girl and has been walking the spiritual path of enlightenment and learning here in Earth school. She was born an empath and has helped many people on their journey in this life. She brings in wisdom of her Ancient Pueblo ancestors, Angels and relies on help from her spirit guides to direct her path.

Trina does daily prayer, meditation and yoga to help stay grounded and focused and sets a sacred space for her readings. All of her readings are done with intention of the Highest good of all.

Trina Schneider 



You may schedule an appointment with Trina by calling the center at 720.573.4275.

She is available on the first Saturday and Sunday of the month. She offers virtual readings, you can email her to schedule a virtual session at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


"I have had many psychic readings in my lifetime, but Trina Schneider’s has been the most memorable. Usually, a psychic gives you an assortment of pertinent information, which I tend to forget after a while.  Trina focused my reading on a rose, using the opening of the flower as a symbol for the opening of the spirit.  My past life themes were associated with the stem. Trina then introduced me to my spirit guides—a strong support group! Finally, she created an image with my chakra colors and their impact on my aura.  This psychic artwork inspires me every day.  Whenever I see a rose, I am reminded of the personal information that Trina shared with me.  I would recommend her talents to anyone on the path of self-discovery!" Jacqueline 

"The readings I received from Trina were a gift of insight that were like missing puzzle pieces falling into place.  She brought forth information about family, health and career that were spot on.  Trina is a natural intuitive who connects and brings needed information forth with compassion.  I felt a truth and wisdom from Trina that I have not always felt from other psychics.  If you are lucky enough to have a reading with Trina you will walk enlightened and glad you did." Jacquelyn

"Trina is amazing, wonderful human and spirit, very clear and fun. LOVED HER and the experience. I've already referred people to her and shared the wonderful experience. Thank you!" Renee Smith

"I knew Trina was my people the minute I met her, my reading just solidified it. I am excited to be joining the Sacred Priesthood in June of 2022, that I will be able to do so with Trina is such a blessing." Lesley

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