Trudi Remer

Hello! My name is Trudi Remer! I am a Life Purpose and Grief Coach. When asking my friends and family how they would best describe me, these are the words they used.

~Courageous ~ Resilient ~ Adventurous ~ Positive ~ Authentic ~ Honest ~ Humorous ~ Perseverance ~ Loyal ~ Tenacious ~ Positive ~ Open ~ Adaptable ~ Supportive ~ Candid ~ Kind ~ Dreamer ~ Pursuer of Self Awareness ~ Free Spirit ~ Inspirational ~ Brave ~ Infectious ~ Passionate ~ Determined~

In 2017 I decided to change the course of my career and enrolled in a program through the Institute for Profession Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) to become a certified life coach. As I began my coaching business, I truly found what my deepest passions are for my own life! Being able to have deep conversations with others to help them discover what makes them passionate about their own life is the best gift I can give to my clients!

A little bit of my background about me is that over the span of 24 years each one of my immediate family members died in a sudden, unexpected death which was all independent of one another. Through my journey in grief, I have gone to counseling and have joined grief support groups. Also, I have taken adventures where I have faced grief head-on. As I have started to rebuild this second phase of my life, I have created the life I never even knew my deepest desires held.

Taking various personal development courses, I have committed myself to change the language in grief. This is no small feat! I want to support those who are stuck in their grief or their ‘new normal’ and also their loved ones who are supporting them who might not know what to do to best support them! We live in a culture where we try to fix or solve someone’s problems, but grief does not need or warrant to be fixed. I want to create a safe place for those who want healing from their grief. While I understand our respective lives shifted after the loss of our loved ones, it does not mean that we cannot live our best lives.


Price structure -
$140 - one coaching session
$1200 - Three month transformation coaching
$200 - Energy Leadership Index Assessment

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Phone: 630.484.5018


Being coached by Trudi is like being coached by your best friend. She asks you for full-disclosure of your feelings, thoughts, and opinions so she can accurately see how to guide you to a better you. Take the time to do the work and to really express yourself. It will be a life-changing experience guaranteed. - Lauren

I reached out to Trudi at a time where I had to make a huge decision in my life. One that not only impacted me but the lives of 5 other people as well. I was at a loss as to how to do this, how to know I was doing the right thing. The questions she asked me were thought-provoking. The insight she provided was invaluable. She forced me to open up in ways I hadn’t known before. She didn’t “hand me the answer”, instead she gave me the tools I needed in order to find it on my own. Here I am today, nearly 5 months later, and I know without a doubt she was crucial in getting me to where I am today. The guidance and support she gave was just what I needed to get my life back in order. I will forever be indebted to her.

– Christine
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