Crystal Grid Playshop

A crystal grid brings in the crystals with a particular vibration and/or frequency that supports your intention. Each crystal has their own vibratory frequency that can be used to manifest your intention. You can create a crystal grid to support or manifest almost any intention.

Vialet creates a fun and playful playshop for everyone to learn about crystal grids. She has been working with crystal grids for decades and has loved her journey with working with the Crystal Kingdom of stones. 

What is a Crystal Grid?

Hibiscus Moon provides this definition:

A crystal grid is a geometric pattern of energetically aligned stones charged by intention set in a sacred space for the purpose of manifesting a particular objective.

You can create crystal grids in every room of your home, office or business. Each of them can be focused on different energies, purpose and intentions.

The playshop will take you through the seven steps of creating a CRYSTAL GRID:

STEP #1: Grid Intention
STEP #2: Symbolism for the Grid
STEP# 3: Elements of the Grid
STEP #4: Focus of the Grid
STEP #5: Selecting the Crystals
STEP #6: Location of the Grid
STEP #7: Activation of the Grid

The participants will be given a worksheet for their process of creating a crystal grid. No experience is needed. The playshop will provide participants with an overview and basic understanding of crystals and crystal grids. This is a very fun and interactive playshop. Bring a friend and join us!

This is a great class individuals at all ages! Bring your children and grandchildren that love crystals. 

NOTE: The crystals, elements and/or grid is not included in the price of the playshop.


"SUPER fun class loaded with information and hands-on learning!" - Vickie

Register Today!

Cost: $20 

Vialet's published book, "Crystals & Crystal Grids" is for sale. The regular price is $25.00. The participants in the class will be able to purchase the book for $15.00. This will be a valuable resource for anyone that would like to work with crystals and/or crystal grids.

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