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Vialet has been teaching at the college level for almost ten years and she has been leading business training programs for over twenty years. She has designed adult learning programs for companies, colleges and professional developments. She loves taking those skills and creating spiritual classes in the areas that she is passionate about. 

She has written the books for all of her programs. These are self-published bound books with spaces for journaling and notes. Vialet loves to provide you with an expanded view of all the resources available. As a Sacred Priestess, she sets sacred space for her programs and students. Come and experience the difference of her teachings!

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Are you looking to take your spiritual journey to the next level? Are you seeking the ancient teachings? Are you searching for magical tools to empower your life?

This is a sacred journey of connecting with your diving being and transforming your life as you align with your gifts and purpose. The program includes 13 full day classes focused on the four elements of earth, water, air and fire.

This program is not for everyone! The Order of Melchizdek is the oldest priesthood and you will be initiated into this priesthood at the end of the program. It requires you to be committed to a path of beauty, sacredness and service. This program is not like other classes. It is not just about attending a class. This is about transforming your life and the life of others. You will be part of a group and it is the work that you do in coming together collectively in service to humanity.

Are you being called to Sacred Priesthood? Now is the time to invest in you and empower your life!


Do you connect with the angels? Do you want to work with the ascended masters in healing yourself and others? Do you want to experience working with Galactic Healers?

This is not simply a high vibrationl healing modality, but an integral tool for expanding your awareness and the mastery of your own life. It brings together the human consciousness and the Divine consciousness in a process that is not termed Ascension. This program is not for just healers! It is a powerful course for anyone that wants to experience life at a higher vibration and to bring in the Divine.

Are you ready to work with the Angelic Kingdom? If you are resonating with this modality, they are calling you to Angelic Reiki. 
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