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Spiritual DNA & Merkabah Activation

What is an activation? This is an ancient modality brings Light into your body. It will activate the energy field of your Divine Light, the spiritual codons (DNA) and your etheric Merkabah. This activation will activate your Lightbody and accelerate your ascension process.  The process opens your spiritual and soul connection to the divine, amplifies your spiritual gifts and unlock your sacredness and divine truth that has been dormant within. 

Ask your yourself:

  • Do you feel drained, distracted, or unmotivated?
  • Do you need to release old wounds?
  • Are you ready to shift the energies of your life?
  • Are you hoping to bring in more positive energies into all areas of your life? 

As human beings, we are accustomed to feeding our body with foods. This session will provide your body with the loving Light that it craves and transform your life. The students of the ancient Mystery Schools would receive regular monthly activations to support their spiritual work and physical health. In today's world, we need these activations on a regular basis to feed our physical body Divine Light, to clear our minds of false programming and influences, to align our hearts to our Divine self and unconditional love and to expand our spiritual channel and connection to the Divine.

Vialet B Rayne


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This spiritual activation is the process of expanding Light within your higher spiritual body. The Light is information and divine healing. It is not information as we know it. It is the higher frequencies of Light that begin to integrate and merge our field of energy where these codes have been dormant. It expands our intuition, spiritual gifts and wisdom within ourselves. It will amplify your spiritual gifts and intuition as well as healing your emotional, mental and physical bodies.

This activation process is the discovery of spiritual growth, heightened awareness, enlightenment, and inner peace. The Light will detach you from your ego, personal needs and desires. It will reconnect you to your soul’s purpose and get you back aligned with your authentic self. It will expand your spiritual awareness and support you in your soul’s journey.

The session brings in Light to the twelve codon areas at the back of your head, neck and down to your heart. These areas are focused on your body, soul and spirit. The client also receives channeled messages during the process that can be recorded.

The twelve codons include:

  • Oneness with God
  • Archangels
  • Ascended Masters or Masters of Lights
  • Group Souls
  • Individual Soul
  • Monad
  • Higher Self
  • Archetypes
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Water
  • Earth

These sessions are forty-five (45) minutes. We highly recommend that you record these sessions. It is recommended that we have an activation every 4-6 weeks to bring in spiritual alignment to your divine purpose. These will dramatically improve your health and well-being.



When you experience fear, disappointment, pain, heartache, trauma, etc., you will create a cap that reduces your connection to the Divine. A cap removal will allow you to have a stronger connection to the Divine and your intuitive gifts. It is recommended that you do a cap removal session on a regular basis when you receive a DNA activation. 

All sessions are provided in a sacred space and with a professional approach. Information on this site is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. We provide healing and guidance to the client to support the healing process. You should consult with a health practitioner in the case of any medical condition or health concern.


DNA Activation


45 minutes


DNA Activation & Cap Removal


60 minutes


DNA Activation Package


3 session Package



"I have received 2 DNA activations with the magical Vialet. These sessions have helped me bring in more light, boost my immune system and have helped with my depression. After both sessions I felt filled with bliss as if I was walking on a cloud. During the session Vialet connected me with more of my Angels and spirit guides. As a healer these are great when experiencing blocks or feeling unmotivated. I highly recommend these healings." Trina 2021

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