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Emotional Release Cord-Cutting Session

When we experience a strong emotion that last fifteen (15) minutes or more, we become attached to that experience and we become corded to the emotional attachment. This attachment can be from an individual, a situation or event.

What Is A Shadow

It can also be an attachment to a shadow. A shadow is a negative aspect of ourselves. Shadows are often hidden impulses or triggers that influence our everyday decisions. These can create a prison of fear, shame, regret and self-sabotaging behaviors. All of us have negative aspects of ourselves that we are not proud of. It is part of our experience and who we are.

Shadows are often hidden impulses or triggers that influence our everyday decisions. These are aspects of ourselves that we try to hide from the world, but they appear even though we try very hard to suppress them.

What About Our Relationships

We are also emotionally corded to the major relationships in our life including our parents, spouses, partners, children, etc. These relationships may be positive or negative. When we have a sexual experience with another individual, we are corded to that individual for seven years after the last sexual experience unless we cut our cords with the individual. Yes, that is right! That individual is impacting our emotions and experiences for seven years after the connection has ended if we do not cut our cords with them.

Positive & Negative

These cords are part of our emotional impulses. This includes triggers, reactions, behaviors and experiences. These emotional attachments can have a negative and positive impact on our life. What if we have had an amazing relationship with our mother and want to stay connected to her, should we cut cords with her? Absolutely! A cord cutting is a positive release and it allows us to have healthier relationships in our life with everyone and it releases our attachment.

When we cut cords with the individuals that had the most emotional impact on our lives we are able to have healthier relationships and live happier lives. Aren’t you ready to experience a life free of the burden of emotional attachments?


It is important that we cut these cords, so that we can experience life based on our own emotions and feelings versus the emotions and/or feelings created by the relationships that we have had or have in our life. A cord cutting will benefit you, as well as the attached individual. This process will allow both of you to have a healthy relationship without the unhealthy reactions or triggers that you may experience today.

Abusive Or Painful Relationships

If you’ve had an emotionally abusive relationship with someone in your life, a cord cutting can start the healing process and allow you to remove those emotional triggers that can have negative impacts on other relationships. In these circumstances, I would highly recommend a sixteen (16) petal cord cutting.

If there was a situation or incident that you are still thinking about hours after it has occurred, you need to have a cord cutting. These deep emotional reactions may eventually manifest into physical illness and disease. A cord cutting will provide a healthy release of the emotions and attachments.

If you have experienced emotional or physical abuse, a 16-petal cord cutting can begin the healing process so you can forward in your life.

Belief System

This process will be effective even if you do not have a belief in the process. This healing modality is a powerful process for letting go of the emotional attachments and experiences that do not serve and empower us.

Releasing & Letting Go

All sessions are provided in a space and with an approach that is both professional and sacred. Information on this site is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. We provide healing and guidance to the client to support the healing process. You should consult with a health practitioner in the case of any medical condition or health concern.

Types of Sessions

Vialet offers three types of sessions:

One Session: TThese sessions are for emotional reaction and/or attachment to a specific experience or day. This session would be for someone that has experienced a difficult day. It will clear the emotions and attachment to the events that have occurred for the day. If you continue to feel triggered by the relationship or the memory of the incident in your past, you may need a cord-cutting. An example: A co-worker set you up to fail on a project at work. Your manager was disappointed with the outcome, and you were blamed for the failure of the project.

Five Sessions (RECOMMEND): These sessions are for emotional attachments that have been impacting your life for more than five years. These attachments could be a relationship that have a direct impact on your life based on the emotional tiggers that occur on a regular basis. These will negative or toxic relationships with spouses, partners, friendships, family pets, bosses, co-workers, etc. These types of relationships will have deep emotional attachments and triggers. Some attachments can come from common stressful situations like: loss of job, moving, divorce, loss of loved one, and/or broken relationships with family and friends.

You may also choose to cut cords with parents, children, and current relationships to bring in emotional and mental balance. These session can bring in more healthy communications and connections with the individuals that you love. Our experiences with the individuals in our lives can current emotional cords and attachments that are formed from a negative experience and interaction that was not resolved in a healthy manner. These can take root and create blocks within that affect all of our relationships.   

Sixteen Sessions: These sessions are for emotional attachments that have been created by relationships that have been part of your entire life. These could be the emotional attachments with your grandparents, parents, and/or siblings within your life. Extreme trauma that has been experienced by you or your family can be cleared and healed with these sessions. Some examples of extreme trauma might include situations of abuse, rape, murder, etc. This may also include life-changing incidents that have caused post traumatic stress disorder.

You may have character flaws that you would like to heal and release. Some examples would be: compulsive behaviors, road rage, self-sabtoge (both professional and personal), passive agressive behavior, self sacrafice, low confidence, errogance, etc. These situations will vary from four to sixteen session depending on the severity.

Everyone needs to experience their life based on their own experiences and belief systems. When you heal and release the emotional attachment, you are able to experience life without the emotional tiggers. It allows you to live a healthy life without the influences of the emotional attachment.

Did you know that when you invest in healing yourself that you actually heal seven generations back and seven generations forward. Think about the healing that is needed for your family and/or ancestral line. As a family, we tend to pass our emotional and mental imbalances, belief systems, generational programming, and physical diseases and illnesses from one generation to the next. What things are you ready to release?

Will the cords come back? 

The cords that are created through relationships are created over time. It will depend on the relationship and how long it takes for the cords to be created. A traumatic experience will create cords immediately based on the intensity of the emotions. 

There are a variety of different ways to cut cords. If you do the research, you will find meditations, videos, instructions for cutting cords. The modality that I use is ancient technique from the Mystery teachings. When you do the five sessions, I use the last session to clear all the declarations, contracts, promises, and intentions aligned with the focus from all lifetimes, dimensions, and realities. 

If you continue with the relationship or experience, you will create new cords based on your emotions. The relationships with the individuals that you love and care about will shift and change after the sessions to create a healthier relationship. If you are working on a toxic relationship, you will need to distant yourself or shift your thoughts around the relationship to prevent creating new cords. 

Where do you start? 

I have had hundreds of cord-cuttings in this lifetime. The sessions have included all my partners that I have loved and lived with throughout this lifetime. I have also cut cords with my deceased parents. They showed up for every session. My parents celebrated the healing process with me because each session heals seven generations back and forward. 

If you do not know where to start, ask yourself these questions: 

  • When do you get emotional triggered? 
  • Who emotionally triggers you? 
  • Where do you seem to be blocked? 
  • What do you struggle with the most in relationships? 
  • Where do you resist loving yourself? 
  • What is the root of these experiences and who are they connected with? 

These sessions have been offered at a reasonable price to encourage everyone to peel back the layers and to invest in healing the deep wounds of the past. When you take the time to start peeling back all the layers, you will begin to feel lighter and freer to be the person that you were born to be.

Take the opportunity to work with me and let's dissolve the layers of heaviness that is preventing you from shining your light on the world. 

Cord Cutting Session


30 minutes


Cord Cutting Package


5 session Package (FREE Session)


NOTE: Vialet recommends five sessions to completely sever all of the cords and attachments with a behavior, relationship, experience, or situation.

You should schedule your sessions a minimum of five days apart. You will need the time to process the healing. My schedule can be tight, so it may take you up to 1-2 weeks to book your next session. A package can take 2-3 months to complete. This will be perfect timing for the processing of each session. 


"Thank you, Vialet, for helping me transition my relationship through cord cutting, and for the shift this experience created inside of me. I have become more aware of my spiritual gifts in grounding not only to the earth, but also to the infinite above. You are teaching me how to allow myself to be a spiritual being on a human journey, rather than living life as a human on a spiritual journey. My work with you has been a gift based in love and blessed by angels. Thank you for helping me along my path."  - Hope

"The first time that I heard of cord cuttings was in Vialet's Angelic Reiki class and I knew without a doubt I had to do it.  I had a very difficult relationship for 57 years and total forgiveness was something I just could't reach. I had tried everything that came in my path for the last 6 years.  Vialet breaks the sessions up into a series of 4 cuttings one per week. It is a detox so there are different side effects. No two were the same.  Week three was the cutting I noticed the most. It was very powerful. How do you know it works?  Well, I was telling a new friend about the abuse I suffered physical, mental, and emotional and it was like describing my childhood home with no strong emotions attached. I was surprised and then my daughter put it to the test and brought up one of the worst painful memories and I started laughing at how absurd it all was.  I felt finally at peace and happy and lighter that I asked Vi to do a cord cutting on my weight issues that to have haunted me for 42 years, better late than never right? In addition to that cutting I also included DNA activation not really knowing what that was and boy am I glad I did. One cutting for the weight and I noticed a BIG change in my relationship to food.  I wasn't hungry, my blood sugar level didn't tank and I didn't care about food, it was no longer the main focus in my day. I was telling my daughter if that was the result after one cutting that by the time I got to the forth one I was going to be slim. With the DNA activation I noticed an increased level of energy and happiness.  I haven't had such joy in my life in so many years I forgot I could feel like this. Next I will be cutting out my dislike for exercise, I want to love it.  My sister, daughter and niece have all seen the change in me and they are going for their cuttings. I will be cutting anything out of my life that doesn't serve my higher purpose.  Stay tuned for an update."  Love and Light and Grace, Deb 

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