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Blessing Your Space

Blessing Your Space

After you have done the work of clearing your space, make sure that you also take the time to Bless the space. House blessings are an ancient tradition that invites positive energy into the space. Your space is an extension of your physical body and spirit. Last month, I discussed the way that you create energies in your space and the importance of being aware of your emotions, thoughts and actions within the space. 

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Clearing Your Space

Clearing Your SPace

How can you clear negative or stale energy within your space? At our spiritual center, we are asked on a regular basis how to clear, protect and set space. This month, I will be sharing with you how to clear your space. 

clearing space

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Ascension through Angelic Reiki

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Are you a healer? Are you ready to expand your spiritual experience? I have been teaching Angelic Reiki for several years and I have found that this program is so much more than another healing modality. The Angelic Reiki attunements are expanding the my students' ability to hold divine light and they are experiencing major shifts within their personal lives through spiritual ascension. 

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Are Fairies Real?

Are Fairies Real

Are there winged beings living and protecting our gardens? Do these playful beings live within our personal castles? Our homes are our personal castles and we should be creating something magical for us. 

Fairies are real and they live among us. There are several fairies in the center and we have fairy doors throughout the center. Have you noticed the fairy doors? Do you know how many fairy doors are at the center? 

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How to Price Your Classes for Spiritual Business Owners

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One of the questions that I get asked most from individuals wanting to teach classes at the center is “What should my classes be priced?”  There are lots of different things to consider when you are pricing your classes. 

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Using Essential Oils for Colds & Seasonal Allergies

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Essential oils can be used as an alternative or complimentary treatment for allergy symptoms. These oils are derived from plants and they are a natural resource that can be used in many different ways. Some of the most popular uses are:

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Develop Your Spiritual Gifts Academy is Expanding!!!

Develop Your Spiritual Gifts Academy is Expanding

Last year, we launched the Develop Your Spiritual Gifts (DEYSG) Academy at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts. The first two programs offered were the Intuitive Practitioner and Spirit Communicator certifications. Marcia Stanfield facilitated these classes and she was amazing. The classes were informative, interactive and fun. She created a learning environment that supported the students in connecting and expanding their natural gifts.

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