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The Month of May

The Month of May

The Energy of May

May is about Creativity

The month of May holds the energy of Creativity. This is the month to get creative as you step out of Spring and into the Summer months. Spring brings the opportunity to plant new seeds and to create new things in our lives. Take time to get creative, so that you can manifest new things in your life.

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The Magic of Fairies

The Magic of Fairies

Have you ever connected to the fairies?

I believe in fairies and I love the fact that they are a BIG part of my center. If you have had an opportunity to visit our center and to take the Fairy Door Challenge, you have the pleasure of discovering all the fairy doors and homes throughout the center. The fairies are very special to me. I have had several team members that I have connected with the fairies that live in our center. They can be seen as shiny lights moving across the floor or the room.

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Business Corner: Measuring Your Value

Business Corner Measuring Your Value

How can you effectively measure your value?

Everyone has spiritual gifts, and they can develop their gifts through practice and education. Some individuals have read books, research resources online, attended classes & workshops, etc. to develop their gifts. Many of these approaches have required financial investment and time. An individual that works in field of information systems was required to go to school and/or to have gained specific experience in order to be able to do the job that they are paid for. The organization that hires the information systems professional would not be able to hire someone without compensating them for their time and expertise. Shouldn’t the gifted practitioner also be compensated for the investment of money and time?

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Crystals for Your Home

Crystals For Your Home

Do you have crystals in your home? Do you choose them for purpose?

The people that love crystals tend to have crystals all over their home. The have bowls or containers of crystals and crystals placed throughout their home. In my home, I have placed specific crystals in different rooms of my home.

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The Month of April

The Energy of April

The month of April holds the energy of Inspiration. This is the month to find ways to be inspired and motivated in your life. What motivates you? What inspires you? Take time this month to find inspiration and move forward.

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Business Corner: Setting a Clear Direction

Moving to the Next Step as a Reader

Where are you going with your business?

Some business owners lose their way because they have not set a clear direction for their business. Many of us have worked for organizations that had posters and signs throughout the office stating the organization’s mission, vision, and value statements. The real disconnect was that the organization did not live up to their mission, vision, and value statements. They spent money and time creating and launching them, but they did not really breathe life into them. It is very similar to small business owners that have not set a clear direction for their business.

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What Are the Akashic Records?

Is there a library with endless file cabinets that hold all the information for the Akashic Records? Can anyone access the Records?

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