Get Off Auto-Pilot and Change Your Life

Get Off Auto Pilot and Change Your Life

For many of us, the act of living has become automated. This auto-pilot mode where we rush from one thing to another, filling our days with to-do’s and tasks, keeps us from being in tune with our light and our purpose. We are asked to do more with our jobs, and in our personal lives, but are given less time to do it. When was the last time you slowed down and gave yourself space to work on what’s important to you?

 The requirements of our lives have pushed us into an “Auto-Pilot” mode. We are moving through life without really being connected to what is happening or the world around us. This is partially why many people have chosen to spend time outside of their physical bodies and look elsewhere for sustenance: emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Many of us would choose to be in meditation, practice astral projection, or to explore another dimension instead of being fully present in this one.

When we are on auto-pilot we are missing the true experiences and relationships in our lives here and now. The purpose of us being in these physical bodies, here in this dimension was to experience life and relationships. To be fully present, we need to be present emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. We don’t often allow ourselves to experience this type of full presence in the hectic pace of our daily lives.

Try this . . . Sit in a chair and straighten your back, so that your spine is straight from your crown chakra to your root chakra. Take in some really deep breaths and release all that there is. Go within yourself and ask where you are and what percentage of yourself is present. Ask for all of you to come back into your physical body. Breathe in the full part of you! This is a great exercise to do when you want to be fully present. The solution to turning off auto-pilot is to practice being fully present on a regular basis.  

Do this exercise before having an important conversation with someone else. Do this exercise a few times a day to just take in what is happening around you and in your world. What does your coffee in the morning smell like? Taste like? When’s the last time you purposely experienced a sunrise or a sunset? Make being present a part of your daily rituals.

If you want to create change and motion in your life, you need to move off of auto-pilot. Take the time a couple times throughout the day to come back to yourself and ask yourself questions about your life. What is next for me? What should I be doing? How do I move forward with _______? Take time to listen internally so you can follow your own navigation system.

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