Love Yourself Before You Can Love Others

Love Yourself Before You Can Love Others 1

The month of February, whether you love it or dread it, is all about expressing love to others. The commercial industry has created a BIG holiday out of Valentine’s Day. For many people, V-Day is about candy, flowers, gifts, dinner and being romantic once a year. What about all of the other days in the year? Is romance a once a year activity? What about doing something loving for others without it being a holiday? What if the focus went beyond romance and encompassed the love you have for the most special people in your life?

This month, I challenge you to do something different. Don’t walk away from showing your love to the people that matter but I want you to do something else first. Take the time this month to love you. I know, it’s radical!

“You cannot share what you do not have. If you do not love yourself, you cannot love anyone else either.”

Don Miguel Ruiz

Before you start planning and plotting to do something loving for others this month, take a step back and examine how you show yourself love. What does it mean to you? What is love in relation to you? How do you express self-love?

Stumped? Think about this list:

  • Buy yourself beautiful flowers
  • Create a pamper myself day
  • Set up a playdate with a few of your friends
  • Sleep in and hang in your pajamas all day
  • Do a movie marathon day or weekend and watch all your favorites
  • Write post-it notes full of things you appreciate about yourself and display them around your home.
  • Create a mantra about yourself that you can repeat daily

The key to making this self love thing work is to implement something that you do not already do. This is about creating something new. We tend to do lots of things for others. We go out of our way for our spouses, parents, children, grandchildren and friends but most of the time we forget about our own needs.

You are important too! With this challenge, you may find that you really enjoy taking a time out for just you. You might uncover that the healing that you so desperately needed starts with self love and care.

I highly recommend picking a day or weekend for you every month. Find ways to truly love yourself and make YOU a priority.  

So, what will you choose this month for you?

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