Living a Life of Sacredness

Living a Life of Sacredness 

Do you live a life of sacredness? What does it mean to be sacred? What is sacredness to you? Stop for a moment and consider these questions.

My soul has always sought sacred space in my life. As I look back on my life, I have been setting sacred space through most of it. I would even create sacred altars in my room as a teenager. 

Sacred is whatever brings love, joy and Light into your life. As a teenager, it was my beautiful objects that I had collected and treasured. When I became an adult, my personal home became my sacred space. It was important to me to love and respect my space and home.
Denise Linn in her book, Sacred Space, discusses that our homes and/or spaces have three basic elements:

  • ·      They are composed of constant changing energy
  • ·      You are connected to that energy
  • ·      Everything has consciousness

Our spaces shift and change based on our energy and the energy of everyone in the space. If the space is filled with loving and supportive conversations and emotions, the space will hold that energy. If the space is filled with conflict and anger, the space will also hold that energy.

Think about this for a moment: What music is played in your space? What movies or shows are watched in the space? What conversations and activities are held in the space? How does it align with your life and emotions?

A sacred space should be safe, comfortable, refreshing and energizing. Our personal space wants to support our lives. There are many elements that you can bring into your space to support positive energy and flow: color, aromatherapy, candles, incenses, essential oils, crystals, sacred objects, sacred artwork, etc. Your sacred objects could be a soft fuzzy blanket, a favorite chair, a fountain, etc. It is the items that you love and adore. These do not have to be expensive. They can be simple objects that you have picked up in nature or received as a gift.

Sacred space needs to have energetic flow throughout the space. The energy needs to move freely. Start at the front door and walk through your space. Connect with the energies within the space. Does the energy flow freely or does it become blocked from clutter or excessive stuff? Take some time and let go of the items in your space where you do not have a connection. Clear your space of anything that does not support sacredness, joy and love. Allow the universe to support you and bring new things into your life.

You want to be committed to clearing your space on a regular basis. You can clear space with:

  • -       Burning white sage
  • -       Burning incenses
  • -       Essential Oil Sprays & holy water
  • -       Uplifting & sacred music
  • -       Singing bowls
  • -       Drums & rattles

Your space should be a sacred sanctuary that you drop into after a full day that lifts your soul and re-energies you for the next day. If you do not feel that your space provides you this support, make some changes to your space.

·      Let go of items that do not support the energies

·      Clear space for the Chi to flow freely

·      Create a beautiful space that brings love and joy into your life

·      Continue to clear your space

It is time to bring sacredness into your life!

If you are interested in living a life of sacredness and would like to have other opportunities to learn more about this topic:

·      Vialet has been scheduled for a lecture program on Creating Sacred Space in Your Life at the Mind, Body and Spirit Expo at Denver Mart on Saturday, March 17th at 4 pm. The lecture is FREE, but you will have to pay for admission to the expo.

·      Vialet is beginning a series of Sacred Priesthood in April. This program is a sacred journey of connecting with your divine being and transforming your life as you align with your gifts and purpose. Sacredness is the reverence that we hold for ourselves, others and the space around us. When was the last time that you held a place of sacredness for yourself? You are a divine being that is loved and cherished for who you are and the spiritual journey that you have chosen to experience in this lifetime. This program will reconnect you with your divine purpose of living a life of grace, compassion and love for yourself and humanity. Find out more at: 

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