The Fairies Teach Us to Laugh and Play

I love the Springtime! The Spring weather encourages us to get outside and to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and warm weather. It's also the perfect time of year to bring more fairy energy into your space and life.


One of my favorite movies is the story of Peter Pan with Robin Williams. Peter is a successful businessman with a family. Peter married Wendy’s granddaughter and he is has forgotten the magic. When Peter’s children disappear, Peter has to travel to Neverland to rescue them. Peter has to reconnect to the magic of Neverland in order to get his family back.

As adults, we grow up with our own responsibilities and life focus. Our lives become weighed down with responsibilities, determination and drive. We believe that we do not have time for laughter and play. Such silly things are for children. We are focused on climbing the ladder of success, obtaining material things and keeping up with our children’s school activities. Our career or our job defines us. The more material things we have, the more successful we think we are.

The truth is that the richest person on earth is the person that treasures the relationships in their lives, the service that we do for others and our community and the way that we love ourselves. The fairies teach us to love ourselves by playing and laughing more. The want us to understand that the magic of life is in the small things around us.

The fairies make their homes in nature. They are grounded and rooted in the beauty of life that appears in the trees, flowers, animals and insects. The magic of nature brings us back to the basics. The true essence of who we are. When was the last time that you meditated in nature? Took a walk in the park and paused along the trail just to breathe in all that there is.

As we begin Spring, we are ready to come out of hibernation. We close ourselves in for the winter. Spring invites us to come out and play! I love to kick off my Spring with the magic of Fairies. In the months of April and May, I offer Fairy Party Playshops for young and old. The fairies are ready to share with you the healing powers of play and laughter. These parties are a great Mother’s Day gift for you, your Mom and your children. Come and experience the magic of making a fairy wand, magical spray and creating a wish. You can register for the classes on our Discover Your Spiritual Gifts Meetup page. This program has limited space, so registered today!

 fairy condense

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