Who Do I Choose for Guidance or Healing?

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There are so many choices and opportunities when you are seeking guidance and/or healing from someone in the metaphysical community. There are numerous metaphysical stores and centers in the Denver area. Discover Your Spiritual Gifts requires that their practitioners meet a high level of integrity and standards. However, that isn't the case for everyone.

How do you pick the right one for you?


What is your intention? If you do not have a clear intention of what you need, your guides will sometimes direct you to the right practitioner. It is important that you understand what your intention is before you schedule your session. Clients seek out practitioners for many different reasons:

  • They feel blocked or stagnant
  • They need guidance or direction
  • They are seeking confirmation that they are heading in the right direction
  • They need support on their healing journey
  • They want to clear or release old contracts or beliefs

If you have clear intentions, your sessions will be more powerful and transformative for your life.


The practitioner should be aligned with your intention. There are many different types of practitioners with various levels of expertise. You want to make sure that the practitioner is aligned with you. For example: You would not go to a car mechanic if they are not able to keep their own car running. If you are seeking someone to support you in creating financial abundance in your life, find someone that has been successful with financial abundance most of their life. Ask the right questions about their own experience.

Most of the time, practitioners will attract clients in their lives that align with their own life experiences. Find out what they have successfully overcome in their lives and where they have achieved individual success.


The most professional and successful practitioners have invested in themselves. They continue to grow and expand through various education resources and programs. You want to find practitioners and teachers that continue to expand their knowledge, skills, and talents. We are experiencing more universal shifts every day. Things continue to change. You want to make sure that your practitioner and teacher continues to grow and expand as the universe shifts and changes.


Your practitioners and teachers should hold a high level of integrity in their work. They should be respected among their colleagues and they should have solid testimonials from their clients. Take the time to check out their information and find out what others have said about their work. Word of mouth is still a powerful resource.


There should be a fair and valuable exchange for their services. When we invest in ourselves, the universe provides us support. There is an energetic exchange that happens when we pay for a valuable service. The best way to measure the value of what you are receiving is to ask yourself what has changed in your life. Has the change been positive? Is your life moving forward? Does your life seem to be getting easier? Are you in the natural flow of your purpose?

Your intuition is a strong guide. Follow its guidance but also take some practical steps to ensure you are choosing the right healer or practitioner for your needs. Professional is important but so is raw talent. Try out a variety of choices - ask them what their entry level package is or find them at a local fair where you can sample their services. Keep in mind that as you shift, your needs will shift. This could mean adding new, trusted healers occasionally. This is expected. You can't get unstuck by doing the same things over and over. 

There are a lot of great choices when it comes to spiritual healers and practitioners in Colorado. Be smart, follow your gut and seek out the right guidance at the right time. We have several to choose from here at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts in Littleton. Find out about our next reader fair on our Meetup page.

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