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I have been reminded several times in the last few weeks that we are the powerful creators of our own lives. We create without consciously realizing that our words, thoughts, and actions create our reality. The universe stands by and is ready to assist you in being the great creator that you are in all aspects of your life.


The real challenge is being present and conscious in all that we do. As spiritual beings, we have the tendency to stay outside of ourselves, either in our physicality or within the dimensions of our consciousness that feel the best. When we mentally and emotionally spend so much time in the upper dimensions of consciousness to escape our physical reality, we are not aware of what we are creating in our physical world and dimension around us. Both of these problems are the direct results of relying on our own comfort zones and auto-pilot to get through our busy, hectic days.

If your current world is difficult and/or hard, it is time to be more present and in the moment. You must take inventory of your thoughts, beliefs, words and actions. What are you telling yourself in those moments? What are you focused on in these moments? 


Take the time to reset your life! Get grounded by spending some time on a nature walk, visiting your favorite park, walking around a beautiful lake, watching the sunset or the sunrise, planting in the dirt, etc. Find your joy within nature. Connect back to Mother Gaia.

Ask Mother Gaia to assist you in planting the right seeds of manifestation in your life. Take time in meditation to work with Mother Gaia in visualizing your garden being nurtured and loved. Yes, I am talking about visualizing a true garden as your life. Visualize the current state of your garden in your meditation and begin the work of weeding out the dead plants & weeds, plant new seeds of growth, water and fertilize the garden, and see the sun shining down a beautifully planted garden. Allow Mother Gaia to present you with a gift when you are done. Pay attention to the gift that she gives you. It is a key to you shifting your life in a positive direction.

Make sure that you are present in your life. Ask yourself what percentage of your consciousness is in your physical body. Check that percentage from within yourself. Ask and bring in more of the higher aspects of self. 


Clear out all of the old thoughts and patterns! Stand in your own power and become the creator. Put some thought in what you want in your future. It is not about understanding how it will happen. It is about declaring it to be.

When we opened the center in April 2017, I had no idea where the journey was going to take me. I knew that we would be doubling in size and I told everyone that would double in size in two years. I had no doubts. I had no idea on how that would happen. I only knew from a deep place that we would be doubling the size of the center. The universe created the opportunity for us to move into another space in the same building doubling our size in nine months. Wow! I declared it as often and as much as I could when people would visit the center.

The truth of my human self is that when the opportunity presented itself – It was terrifying to step into double the expense and double the space. Were we ready? Could I make it happen? The universe had heard me and it had delivered the solution to me. I had been sharing with everyone about what the new center needed:  more practitioner rooms, more classrooms, larger retail space and external facing with doors. The space provides us with all that I had asked for. When fear steps in as the universe is delivering what you asked for, remember to be grateful and to breathe through the process as you step into your creation.


It is important to do the work. Be in a state of gratitude. Always thank the universe for your life and what you have. We have to be in motion and in the flow of our purpose. Does your life align with your life purpose? Are in the flow of who you are? Do things happen easy? If you find that life is a struggle or difficult, you may be outside of the flow of your purpose. You need to take the time to think about what your soul craves, what brings the highest joy, how passionate you are about the things in your life, etc. These provide big clues on your own life purpose, journey, and path.

You want to make sure that you are in the right lane and doing the work that you came here to do! One of the most powerful tools for uncovering your life’s purpose is an Akashic Record reading. If you would like to find clarity or confirmation of what you should be doing, schedule an appointment with Vialet today! Be the powerful creator that you were meant to be.

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