Being Aligned With Our Purpose

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I run into many people seeking clarification on their purpose. They want to uncover their "why". As I work with my clients, many of them want to know their soul's purpose - something beyond simply making money or having a career. The Akashic Records are a powerful tool for gaining that clarity and guidance. These records are an expansive intellectual database that holds the information to all this is and all that will be.

Your Purpose

When we ask the questions in the Records about our purpose, it does not limit the information based on our experiences and understanding. Often there is not a word in our language that describes a soul's purpose. Instead, it comes to me as a deep knowing with a vision and an intuitive feeling. I am able to describe the information that I am receiving to my clients by using visuals, feelings and/or descriptive adjectives.

Your Experiences

Your soul purpose is the same throughout your eternal existence - from the time you left Source until you return. Your purpose is the foundation of all your experiences, both good and bad. Your soul wants you to experience your purpose along all areas of the available spectrum. 

Let's use an example. If your soul's purpose is to experience "passion" - you will have lifetimes and experiences with lots of passion and no passion, as well as every level of passionate interaction in-between. How can you truly understand passion unless you have had a myriad of different passionate experiences? How can you truly understand extreme levels of passion until you've existed without passion at all? Our journey of existence provides us with the experiences required to fulfill our purpose. 

Being In Flow

I often speak on the importance of being in the flow of life. The first time I heard this concept was during a lecture with Esther Hicks. Esther was sharing Abraham's message of going with the current and being in the flow. Abraham was teaching that life is supposed to move with ease. When life is difficult or you are struggling, you have gotten off the path of your soul's purpose. 

Purpose and Free Will

We each have free will and we are given the choice to make our own decisions. Sometimes we choose to take the short road and be in the flow of our purpose and sometimes we choose to take the long road to our destination and then struggle. 

Lesson Learned

In 2009, I was working as a senior executive at a Fortune 500 company. I had been their senior Human Resources officer and built the HR infrastructure for the organization. When the company made the decision to eliminate my position, my daughters both asked me to move closer to them. Instead, I chose to move to the other side of the country and try to make it in San Diego. I did not know anyone in California but I wanted to stay close to the beach but in a city that had more job opportunities. I believed that I could start over there easily. 

When I arrived for my first appointment with my outplacement consultant, she shared with me that I would have a very difficult time getting a job in San Diego. She told me that the HR field had been struggling with job opportunities for two years. I had big company experience and San Diego is a town that only hires their own. Outsiders were not always welcome in this sunny southern CA city but that made me no less determined to accomplish my goal. 

I spent two full years swimming against the current and getting beat down every step of the way. At the end of that two years, I had lost the majority of my personal belongings, been evicted from my apartment and faced the very real possibility of sleeping in my car with my dog. My oldest daughter then put her foot down and insisted that I move back to Colorado. When I had left Colorado in 2002, I stated that I would never move back. I am a beach soul and the snowy winters are not my cup of tea. 

When I arrived at my daughter's house in 2011, I told her that I would not be staying in Colorado. I did not want to be there. The real truth is... the bet things that have ever happened to me have occurred since I moved back to Colorful Colorado. I came back to this state kicking and screaming. God forced me back here. I took the long road to get to my destination and have to overcome many obstacles. The lesson for me was... to seek the shorter path and to be in the flow of my purpose.

If things are tough and you seem to be swimming upstream, contemplate your course and direction. Where are you resisting? Find your flow and get into your groove. If you are unable to find clarity in your direction, schedule a reading with me and let's uncover your purpose. Life is not about suffering... it's about experiencing and be in that flow.


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