A Time of Reflection

A Time of Reflection

September has always been a month of reflection and planning for me. I take the time to reflect on my year. What have I manifested in my life? What has changed? What did I not accomplish this year?

Most people wait until the first of the year and they make a New Year’s Resolution that never seems to stick after the first weeks of the new year. I have chosen to take a more active approach in manifesting and creating what I want in my life.

The key to setting your intention and focus on creating new things or making changes in your life is that it takes actions on your part. You must be willing to do the work and/or to create steps of action towards achieving these in your life.

The hardest part is really knowing what you want. Most people have no idea what they want to create and manifest in their life. They tend to accept their life in their current state because they do not know what to do or they do not believe that they can really change things.

You are a magical creator. You are creating everything in your life. If you want more out of life, you need to create more. If you want to have more balance, you need to create balance in your life.

What do you currently have in your life? What do you want to have in your life? What do you want to change in your life?

Let’s take a closer look at the Financial, Spiritual and Personal areas of your life.

The Financial areas of your life including anything that requires a financial investment, cost or purchase. This would include any new purchases, investments, changes in income, etc.

The Spiritual areas of your life include anything that you are doing or want to do to support your spiritual growth, soul fulfillment, and/or belief system. This would include meditation, yoga, spiritual classes/workshops, sacred space & time, etc.

The Personal areas of your life include anything that you want to accomplish personally or professionally in your life. It would also include changes or additions in relationships, professions, hobbies, interests, achievements, recognition, etc.

This area is focused on financial obligations, investments, income, and purchases. This area can include vacations, new car purchase, new home purchase, new furniture, etc. This could also be a goal of starting school or completing a certification program.

You may want to purchase:
- A new home
- A new car
- New furniture
- Update your home

You may want to invest in:
- Certification program
- College degree
- Coaching
- Development

You need to define 10 Financial Goals for 2019. What do you need to do to achieve these financial goals? Do you need to save? Do you plan to use a bonus? What is the plan to accomplish these financial goals?

This area is focused on your soul and spiritual needs and desires. This area can include increasing or changing current commitments or behaviors OR it can also include starting new things in your life.

You may want to commit to:
- Meditation
- Yoga
- Rituals
- Healing
- Classes & Workshops
- Reading books
- Retreats & Gatherings

This could also include:
- Spiritual growth in ________________
- Spiritual development in _____________
- Building altars, medicine wheels, etc.

You need to define 10 Spiritual Goals for 2019. What do you want to do more in regards to your spirituality? What do you want to develop and grow spiritually? What do you want to focus on spiritually?

This area is focused on personal and professional goals in your life. This area can include lots of things that you want to create, change or have in your life.

You may want to bring in new things to your life:
- A new home
- A new baby
- A new job
- A new career
- A new relationship
- A new car

You may want to change things in your life:
- Move from working to staying at home
- Doing more self-care in your life
- Creating more work-life balance
- Making healthier choices

You need to define 10 Personal Goals for 2019. Do you have a bucket list? What would you like to do on that list? What new things do you want to bring into your life?

Take a little bit of time to really reflect and create your list of 10 Financial, Spiritual and Personal goals for 2019. The holidays will be here before you know it and the time will be gone. This is a great time to spend some time in meditation and being present to really define what 2019 will be for you.

After I have created and defined my goals, my next step is to manifest my goals using the Sacred Candles of Intention class. I will walk you through a step by step process:

1. Taking your 2019 Goals and Setting Intentions based on the energies of each of the months of the year. For example: January is about “Starting New.” What new things do you want to bring into your life in 2019? February is about “Loving Yourself.” How will you love yourself in 2019?
2. You will pull Tarot cards for each month in 2019. What will be the supporting energies that will assist you each month?
3. You will select the herbs that will bring in the magical energies needed to manifest our intentions each month. The herbs will be placed in each of the candles that we make.
4. You will select the essential oils that will ignite the creation of our goals for each month. The essential oils will be dropped into our candles.
5. You will create the space for magical intentions. You will write and draw your intentions on a colorful mat for your candles.
6. You will make 12 candles, one for each month of the year. Each candle will have different herbs, essential oils and intentions to bring in the magic of your year.

This is a five-hour program. If you believe in magic and want to be the creator of your world, you will not want to miss this program. This classes will be offered for two weekends only. They are scheduled the last weekend of October and the first weekend of November. There are limited spaces in each of these classes. You will want to register and reserve your spot.

Find out more at:

Find out more about Vialet here: https://discoveryourspiritualgifts.com/vialet-rayne/vialet-s-services

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