Develop Your Spiritual Gifts Academy is Expanding!!!

Develop Your Spiritual Gifts Academy is Expanding

Last year, we launched the Develop Your Spiritual Gifts (DEYSG) Academy at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts. The first two programs offered were the Intuitive Practitioner and Spirit Communicator certifications. Marcia Stanfield facilitated these classes and she was amazing. The classes were informative, interactive and fun. She created a learning environment that supported the students in connecting and expanding their natural gifts.


My dream for the academy was to offer professional spiritual certification programs to the individuals in our community. My background being a college professor gives me expertise in designing curriculum that is professional, informative, interactive and fun for the adult learner. I believe that we have individuals seeking to connect and expand their spiritual gifts that can benefit from these courses.

What makes a certification program? The program needs to have a process that provides the individual with the information needed to understand and apply the it in their daily lives and/or profession. The individual must be required to show a level of achievement in the program by testing or application of the skills and tools given within the class.

In the world of formal education, the schools will be accredited by an authorized person or agency that verifies that the individuals have completed the classes and/or program has met the expectations of the program and have achieved the level of expertise within the program. There are currently no agencies or individuals that are authorized to accredit programs and/or schools within the spiritual field. However, DEYSG will offer certifications led by professionals with a high-level of expertise within their field of study.

Those individuals that complete the requirements of the program will receive a certificate of completion and a certification seal for their website and marketing materials. Students will be required to complete all the classes within the program and to show a level of achievement within the class and/or program they have taken.

In 2019, the DEYSG Academy will expand the offerings to include:
• Akashic Records Certification
• Crystal Wisdom Certification
• Reiki and the Violet Flame Certification

We are also looking for professional teachers and leaders in the areas of Channeling, Tarot and Mediumship. We want to be able to offer certification programs in these areas as well.

The future of the DEYSG Academy will include some of the class being offered online. The students will be able to study some of the introduction, history and informative elements of the programs online and then will be required to complete the program at the center for the practicum elements of the program. We hope to start some of the online classes in 2020.

We are very excited about all the new offerings. Check out the class schedule and programs at:

Find out more about Vialet here:

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Vialet Rayne of Discover Your Spiritual Gifts created an inclusive and welcoming spiritual center and metaphysical store in historical downtown Littleton, Colorado. Discover Your Spiritual Gifts is a haven for those seeking and teaching spirituality. This sacred sanctuary and loving community exist to heighten our individual and collective consciousness while unearthing and sharing each individual's inner gifts.

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