Are Fairies Real?

Are Fairies Real

Are there winged beings living and protecting our gardens? Do these playful beings live within our personal castles? Our homes are our personal castles and we should be creating something magical for us. 

Fairies are real and they live among us. There are several fairies in the center and we have fairy doors throughout the center. Have you noticed the fairy doors? Do you know how many fairy doors are at the center? 


Let’s begin with the difference between a “fairy” and a “faery.” Both of these were derived from the same root word, “fae.” Fae encompasses all the elementals including dragons, mermaids, and nymphs. 

The word fairy refers to the small, Victorian, pixie type fairy. These have been included in fairytales, children stories and magical stories throughout time. These beautiful creatures tend to have wings and long flowing hair. Sometimes they are nude and other times they are wearing colorful and flowing garments. Fairies tend to be benign and sweet in nature. They are magical beings that grant wishes, assist you in finding things, reminding you to play and laugh. 

The word “faery” refers to the more adult size faery. These are the legendary fairy with origins in the ancient times. They are not necessarily sweet, cute and playful all the time. They have been linked to earth spirits and other elemental beings. 

I have connected with the fairy realm. Fairies live all over the world. Some are more woodland fairies and they live deep in the forests, hills and mountains throughout the world. There are lots of special places in Ireland, British Islands and Scotland that claim to be the home of these magical fairies. Fairies also love to live in our flower gardens, wooded areas and around our castles. You may have caught glimpses of light when you have been looking at your yard. There are also fairies that watch over us in our homes and they serve as healers and teachers for us. 

If you would like to attract fairies into your life, build a special altar for them in your home or a special space hidden in your flowers or bushes around your home. Fairies are usually invisible, but they will sometimes reveal themselves to you or you will feel their energy. They hold a very sweet and playful energy. You may see them as flickers of light, small balls of energy or within the reflections and shadows of your garden. 

The best times in the day to connect to the fairies is dusk, dawn, midnight or during the equinoxes and solstices. This is the time of the year that the fairies come out to bless our flowers with new growth for Spring. Take some time to go into nature and be still with them. Let them know that you are grateful for their presence and would like to invite them into your life. 

The fairies love shiny things. This is the reason that your keys may be moved, or small pieces of jewelry relocate or disappear. You can leave them little shiny gifts on your fairy altar or in the special place that you have created for them in your garden. Some fairies love chocolate, so you can shave off small pieces of chocolate for them or leave them colorful candy Skittles. 

These beings are great teachers for us. They believe that we work too hard and take life too seriously. The fairies in our lives want us to play more, laugh more and to have more joy!!! This is why they will play with us by moving shiny things in our castles. 

Do you believe in fairies? I truly believe in fairies!

Join us in April and May for our Magical Fairy Parties. These events are for us to connect with our inner child and the fairy realm of magic and play. Come and join me for a fun filled adventure of making fairy wands, fairy spray and fairy dust!


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