Clearing Your Space

Clearing Your SPace

How can you clear negative or stale energy within your space? At our spiritual center, we are asked on a regular basis how to clear, protect and set space. This month, I will be sharing with you how to clear your space. 

What creates the energies within your space?

We must start with what creates the energies within your space. Everyone that enters the space brings in their emotions, thoughts, words and actions into the area. Think about this for a second. If someone is hurting or had a difficult day, they are bringing in those emotions and thoughts into the space. How many times do you come home from work frustrated, disappointed, angry or upset about something that happened at work? These energies settle into the space until they are cleared. These energies over time can become heavy in the space and these energies have an impact on you and your well-being. 

When you have a disagreement, argument or fight with your partner, children, family or friends within your space, these energies also settle into the space. How often have you been frustrated or disappointed with someone that lives or visits you in your space? All of these energies linger and build upon one another. You are impacting the energies of your space with just your thoughts. You do not even have to say them out loud for them to have a direct impact on the energies of your space. 

The audio and visual influences in your life will also impact the energies of your space. What do you watch and listen to in your space? If you sit down every evening and watch haunted documentaries, you are inviting these energies into your space. If you are watching sad and depressing shows that are filled with drama and tragedy, you are inviting those energies to come into your life. You could fill your life with inspiring, uplifting and positive influences instead. 

Your profession and work can also impact the energies that you bring into your space. If you work in the emergency room of a hospital and you are working with patients that are dying or experiencing difficult circumstances, without protection you may absorb these energies and bring them home with you. I am not recommending that you change professions and/or jobs. However, I am recommending that you become aware of the energies in your life and take the steps to protect and clear yourself. You may need to clear yourself before you enter the sacred sanctuary of your home. I will talk more about protection next month. 

Anyone that has lived, worked or visited the space has impacted the energy of the space. If you do not love the space, the space will not love you back. It will hold all the feelings that you have for the space with those walls. When you have a space that has lots of people working or living in the space, it will need to be cleaned and cleared more often. 

What is the first step in clearing your space? 

You must physically clean and de-clutter your space before you clear the space.  Spring is the perfect time to clear out the old and bring in the new. The first step in really clearing your space is to clear out all the clutter and dead energy. Take the time to clear out the closets, the basement, the garage and anywhere else where things tend to be gathered and stacked. When we hang on to things that we have not looked at, touched or used in years, we are carrying that dead energy around with us. This energy over time can become heavy and harmful to us emotionally, mentally and physically. Make it a priority to sort, eliminate and re-organize all of your storage places on a regular basis. 

The flow of energy in your space is also important. If the energy is unable to move freely through your space, it is time to move some things out. In Feng Shui, they talk about the flow of Chi. Chi is the word for Universal energy that makes us everything. A basic way to check the flow of Chi in your space is to imagine that Chi is water and see the water coming into the front door of your space and flowing throughout the space. Where would the water be stopped or stagnate? Take the time to move or eliminate things in your space the block the natural flow of Chi throughout your space. 

Is your space clean or dusty? When was the last time that you dusted your altar, sacred objects and cleaned your crystals? A dusty altar is not going to bring sacredness and light into your space. It is important that you are dusting and keeping your space clean and clear. 

How do I clear my space?

When you inquire about clearing a space, most individuals will recommend using white sage to smudge the space. White sage is an excellent tool for clearing space, but it is only one of many tools that can be used for space clearing. It is effective when you are clearing low vibrational energies within a space. These are energies that have been accumulated by the thoughts, emotions, spoken words and actions that have occurred in the space by the people living or working in the space. 

If you are trying to clear a heavier energy or entity from your space, you will need to clear with more than white sage. Set up a sacred altar and light a candle. You will need to call in Archangel Michael and his legions of angels to assist you in clearing and removing the energy from the space. It is important that you are direct and declare that any imbalanced and negative energies that are not 100% Divine Love Aspect must leave the space and ask Archangel Michael and his angels to escort all the energies into the Tube of Light and return them to fifth dimension. Connect to the energies within the space and visualize these energies leaving the space. 

General Steps for Clearing Space

  1. Set up a sacred altar with a candle
  2. Light the candle
  3. Perform any prayers or rituals that you might use
  4. Call in your Divine Team for assistance (Your Divine Team is your angels, guides and guardians)
  5. Take an abalone shell or burning bowl with a white sage smudge stick or loose white sage. Light the white sage and allow it to smoke. Smudge your space starting at your front door and moving clockwise through the space. Smudge your space from the floor up to the ceiling using a feather or smudge fan. Make sure that you smudge all of the corners of the ceiling in the room. You should be moving and collecting the energy together like you are sweeping the space. You will be moving the energy out the front door when you make it all the way around the space with the smudge stick. 
  6. Take holy water or an essential oil spray to bless your space. Using the same technique, start at the front door and move clockwise through your space spraying the holy water or spray in the space. As you spray your space, state your intention for the space over and over in your mind. Some intentions may be:
  • I bless this space with peace, love and harmony
  • I bless this space with divine light
  • I bless this space with ease, joy and abundance
  1. Step back to your altar. Give a prayer of Gratitude for your Divine’s Team support and the Divine Light that will be brought into the space to support those that live and work in the space. 
  2. Visualize the space filled with Divine White Light. 

You can do some additional things to maintain the sacred energies of your space:

  • Create and use a clearing ritual to clear your energy before you enter the space. You can smudge yourself with white sage, holy water or essential oil spray. 
  • When you have a difficult day, take a salt bath before you go to bed and release the energy with love and light. 
  • Burn incense at your front door when guests arrive and enter your space
  • Place amethyst crystals at your front and back door to clear the energies of people entering the space. Make sure that you clear these crystals on a regular basis. 
  • Use a selenite crystal wand to clear your auric and etheric fields on a regular basis. 
  • Fill your home with uplifting and inspiring music and sounds.

How often should I clear my space? 

This varies on the space, number of people using the space, the activities in the space, etc. I would recommend clearing a space every 30-45 days under normal circumstances or when you feel shifts in your mood, energy and life. If you notice that there seems to be a shift in your ability to manifest or you are receiving lots of blocks and obstacles in your world. It is time to clear again! You cannot clear your space too much. 

Here are some of the situations in which you will need to clear your space as soon as possible:

  • After an argument
  • After you have de-clutter a space
  • Before you move into a space
  • After a divorce or break up
  • After you have been really ill
  • After a death
  • After you bring in an antique or second hand furniture
  • After you have been stressed, depressed or angry
  • After family or friends have visited

Next month, I will write about creating and having protection in your space. I hope you have enjoyed this article. If you feel that your space may need more than a general space clearing, please feel free to call or stop by the center. We have several practitioners that specialize in clearing space, entities and attachments. We will be happy to direct you to someone that can assist you. 

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