Blessing Your Space

Blessing Your Space

After you have done the work of clearing your space, make sure that you also take the time to Bless the space. House blessings are an ancient tradition that invites positive energy into the space. Your space is an extension of your physical body and spirit. Last month, I discussed the way that you create energies in your space and the importance of being aware of your emotions, thoughts and actions within the space. 

You may have noticed that your space becomes a reflection of what is happening your life. If your space is cluttered chaos, this is a visual picture of how you are feeling at this moment. When someone is depressed, disappointed or hurting, they tend to stop caring for their space and the things around them. The space begins to feel and look unloved and sad. Take a moment and evaluate how your space looks? What does the space energetically feel like? 


If you are ready to really shift the energies in your life, begin with shifting the energies in your space that is supporting you.

What are you wanting to bring into your life?

  • Happiness
  • Love
  • Peace
  • Prosperity


The shades of orange and yellow bring in joy, play and laughter. They  lift your spirits and start your mornings on the right track. How can you bring more of these colors into your space? What things really bring joy and happiness in your life? 

Some things to consider adding to your space: fresh flowers, family pictures, a new pet, some fresh new recipes, lemon and citrus fruit essential oils in your diffuser, stain glass structures to your windows, etc. It can be as simple as opening the window shades and allowing the sun to shine into your space. 


The colors of love and passion are reds and pinks. They will allow you to align and attract more love into your life. What are seeking in love? Self-love, Friendships, Soul Connections, a New Partner?

Some things to consider adding to your space: fresh red roses, pictures of love and friendships, heart shaped objects, rose essential oil in your diffuser, new lingerie, new look & wardrobe, music focused on new love, romantic movies, etc. 


The colors that bring in peace are soft greens and golds. These shades of Zen can bring in peaceful energies to your space. Think about a Buddhist temple, Zen Meditation Garden or a spa. How can you bring those same energies into your space?

Some things to consider adding to your space: Buddha statues, bamboo plants, white orchids, water fountains, incenses, meditation spaces with small altars, frankincense essential oil diffusing, etc.  


The colors that bring in prosperity are greens and golds. How can you bring in more richness to your space? Take the time to donate and clear out any items that do bring you pure joy and happiness. Remove all the items in your space that broken, torn, damaged and worn out. It is time to bring in new things into your space. 

Some things to consider adding to your space: Lucky cats, prosperity Buddhas, Money tree plants, citrine crystals, pyrite crystals, money bowls/altars, prosperity incenses, prosperity essential oils, money wand, prosperity altar, etc.  

These are just a few of the many focuses and approaches that you can take with your space. Create the space to support what you desire to bring into your life at this moment. 


After you have reset your space and created the energies that you want to support your life, take time to bless the space. 


  1. Play uplifting meditation music in the space
  2. Light a white candle. 
  3. State this House Blessing

“I call in the Divine Light of the Universe to Bless this space. I ask that this space be Blessed with Light, Love and Joy. I ask that only 100% Divine Love Energies be able to enter into this space. Thank you for all your Light and Love and these blessings. Amen.” (NOTE: You can create or find a house blessing or prayer that resonates more with your intentions for the space.)

  1. Move through your space clockwise using Holy Water, Essential Oil Spray or Nag Champa Incense to bless your space. 
  2. At the end of the blessing, ring a bell and state, “It is done.” 

Each time that you clear your space, make sure that you also bless your space with the energies of Light. When you bless your space, you are honoring your space and showing the space love for its continued support. 

Next month, I will write about protecting your space. I hope you have enjoyed this article. If you feel that your space may need more than a general space clearing, please feel free to call or stop by the center. We have several practitioners that specialize in clearing space, entities and attachments. We will be happy to direct you to someone that can assist you. 

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