Telling Your Story

Telling Your Story

As a business owner, you have a story to tell the world about who you are and what you believe in. The majority of businesses start with someone’s passion and/or dream. Think about “why” you started your business. For many of us, we wanted to make a difference, saw a need that we could fill or had a deep desire to shift things in the world. Where did your story begin? 

In today’s world, most people make decisions about where to spend their money based on their connection with the business or individual. As we move more and more to purchasing online or from the comforts of our homes, it has become important for business owners to make connections with their customers and clients. If you want people to seek out your services or products, you must create meaningful connections with them. 

People love stories. They become connected when they understand the story of who you are and where you are going. What is the story that you want to tell about your business? What connects people to your business and you? The approach of having a story for your business, programs, products and yourself is so powerful! The story needs to pull the audience into believing in what you believe about your business. The individuals that resonate with you and your business will connect with that story and become long-term clients and customers. 

The story becomes even more powerful when your employees, clients, and customers share that story as well. The story must be memorable and give people an emotional connection to the business and you. Think about the businesses that you are strongly connected to – what is the source of that connection for you? Do they give back to the community? Do they have a rich history of tradition, family, etc.? Do you resonate with their beliefs, passion, drive or perception? 

[1]Margot da Cunha developed 6 Storytelling Tips to Tell Your Business Story. 

  1. The story needs to have the elements of the 5 C’s: Circumstance, Curiosity, Characters, Conversations, and Conflict
  2. The story needs to be relatable to the audience
  3. The story needs to connect emotionally with the audience
  4. The story needs to get the audience engaged
  5. The story needs to start with the exciting details
  6. The story needs to give the audience the information that matters

Your story needs to be personal and include anyone that was part of the tale. People connect with other people. They like to get know people on a personal level. Being vulnerable in who you are and what you are trying to achieve is a tough but vital aspect of sharing your story. People love to be part of a cause or to support others in their passion. 

The audience needs to be able to relate to the story. What made it difficult? What were the obstacles and hardships? What did you overcome? We all love stories where people have overcome difficulties and then share their strength and courage with the world. Life is not always easy, so we want to be motivated and inspired to reach for more and to do more in our lives. These stories give us hope and inspire us to have the courage to go after our own dreams. 

The audience must feel emotionally connected to the story. Making an emotional impact is how your story becomes memorable and relatable. Commercials and advertising have been tugging at our emotional heart strings all of our lives. They have used our emotions to influence our buying. What products or services have you purchased based on an emotional connection? Everyone does this but today consumers are savvy and can tell a manufactured story from an authentic one, which is where your vulnerability comes in handy.

The audience does not want to be bored with all the details. Remember, our attention spans are very small. You will have to get our attention long enough to hear the story. Make the story short, exciting and powerful for the listener. Focus on the juicy parts of your story. 

Focus the story on what really matters. Don’t waste any time. Allow your audience to really be engaged in the story and don’t spend too much time on the details that really do not matter.

It is time to create and share your story about your business. What is your story? How will you share you story with your customers and clients? At Discover Your Spiritual Gifts, we love to share our story! I hope you will stop by and check out the center and find out more about us. Vialet provide business consulting to small business. Contact her if you would like some assistance with your business at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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