What is Your Definition of Magic?

Defintion of Magic

What is your definition of magic? My definition of magic originates from the Disney movies that I watched as a young girl. The wicked witch would cast spells on the princess and/or the village. The religious belief systems that I had as a young woman and adult also brought in many fears around the word magic. When I would hear the word, I would feel myself step back and there was some real hesitation in participating in the conversation and really connecting to the idea of magic. I do not believe in magic from the perspective of causing harm to others or trying to control situations and/or people. 

My definition of magic is about your ability to create, manifest and serve humanity. Everyone is the powerful creator of their own world. Magic exists in the creation of nature, the beauty of the sunset, the peacefulness of the ocean breeze, the love that we put into our foods, the space that we create for ourselves and our family. When you create magic wrapped around your love and compassion for this world and the people that you love, you bring in more love and compassion for yourself and your life. What you create and put out into the world comes back to you! 

Getting Stuck in Cycles

Sometimes, you will become stuck in an unending cycle. You have created depression, lack or pain. As you believed that you were unworthy of a life of plenty, you began to create what you believed, thought and declared with your words and conversations. The words that you speak are the beginning of your creation. Think about where you are focusing your thoughts and conversations. This is what you are creating! If you are telling the same story over and over again about your inability to find love, work, friendships, etc.; you are creating that story within your own reality. It is time to shift your life and begin to create plenty within your own life. What are your dreams? What are your desires?

Bringing Magic Into Your Life

What are some simple ways to bring magic into your everyday life? Let’s focus on a couple of areas: Beauty, Sacredness and Service.


Take some time and look around your life. Where is the beauty in your life? Have you created a beautiful space in your home, workspace and life? It does not cost a lot of money to create beauty in your space. Bring in things that lift your spirits, inspire you and surround you with beauty. You can add fresh flowers to your space to really lift the energies of the space. Treat yourself on a regular basis to fresh flowers. 


Fill your spaces with sacredness. Create a sacred sanctuary within your home with objects and items that connect you with the sacredness of your space. You can create sacred altars, add sacred objects and statues and beautiful candles. The candles will bring in the energies of spirit and fire. They bring in our connection with something more than ourselves. You can meditate or create times of stillness when you are burning your candle. Allow yourself to just “BE” and to become present in the moment. 


Take some time and look around your life. Have you created space for service in your life? When you are committed to giving to others from the place of your heart, it begins to connect you to the universal tapestry of being in service. There are individuals in this world that love to give; they give of themselves and their resources fully. We all know individuals that give so freely in their lives. They have committed their lives or a portion of their lives to being in service. What is your commitment to service? Take the time and think about what you are able to financially, emotionally, mentally and physically able to contribute to service. Do you give 10% of what you receive? This exchange will magically shift your life. 

Creating the Life You Desire

There are simple, practical tools that will support you in creating the life that you always dreamed of. I believe that you are meant to create your own heaven on earth. You are a powerful creator and a powerful destroyer. Are you creating a joyful and abundant life for yourself and the ones that you love OR are you stuck in a cycle of destruction?

The path of Sacred Priesthood provides our students with the magical tools of spiritual enlightenment. The path is focused on Beauty, Sacredness and Service. It shifts your perspective and you will begin to transform your life to be more joyful and prosperous. Vialet is a Sacred Guardian of the Divine and she will share her magical gifts and tools of creation with you in this powerful program. Check out this program at: https://discoveryourspiritualgifts.com/sacred-priesthood-teacherclasses


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