What Are You Doing to Prepare for the New Year?

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You are probably wondering “why” I am talking about the new year when we haven’t finished this year.  The truth is that the month of September has always been a time of reflection and preparation for me. 


Let’s begin this discussion with the number nine. September is the ninth month. If you were looking at the major arcana of the Tarot deck, you would recognize that the ninth card is the “Hermit” and the Hermit Tarot card tells us to go within ourselves and to reflect. The card reminds us to move away from our distractions and take some time for inner reflection. The Hermit brings forth our inner strength and reminds us that we are divine beings on a spiritual journey. When was the last time you stepped into silence and spent time in inner reflection? 

For some, the number nine is a sacred number. It symbolizes spiritual wisdom and fulfillment. If the number 12 is about completion, the number 9 is only a few steps away from reaching 12. Do you feel fulfilled? Have you completed what you wanted to complete this year? Are you ready for the completion of this year? 

If you look at the angel numbers, this number is about purpose. The angels are reminding you about your divine purpose. It brings in the energies of compassion, enlightenment and spiritual growth. Are you aligned with your divine purpose? Are you on your path? 

I believe that September is a powerful month within our year. And, she is asking us to take some time to really reflect on our year, our goals, our intentions, and our creations within our lives. 


Some of us have lived our entire lives setting goals. We set goals for our careers, our family circumstances and the many different aspects of our lives. My children would tell you that I have always been very good at setting goals and achieving my objectives. I have taught “Goal Setting” in my corporate roles and in my college classes. It is about being very clear about the objectives and the outcome that you want to achieve. This approach seems logical and precise. It aligns with our minds and the element of Air

When we set goals, it is important that we include our commitment to achieve those goals. What are you willing to do in the achievement of your goal? A goal cannot be accomplished if we are not willing to do our part in the process. Sometimes this can take a lot of work to achieve what we desire in our lives. I have never been afraid to work really hard and to put everything that I have energetically into achieving my dreams and desires. I have always believed that if I worked really hard that I could accomplish anything in this life. What are your beliefs around goals and accomplishing objectives? How have goals worked for you in your life? 


An intention is the energy and focus that we place on ourselves, relationships and our actions. It is the starting point of the energy that is created and released into the universe.  These begin with our deepest desires. 

You have heard the reasoning about “why” you do not want to state or think about “wanting” something. If you state to the universe that, “I want to be financially abundant”, then the universe will leave you wanting the outcome the rest of your life. 

What are your intentions for your life? When we set our intentions into motion, we have connected emotionally to our desires and we step into the element of Water. The element reminds us that we need to know what we want to feel in our lives. My intention for my life is to live a joyful, happy and healthy life that allows me to bring financial abundance into my work and the success of the center. Setting our intentions for our lives, work and play is a powerful approach to living a fulfilled life. 

When we set our intentions, we must be able to release control of the intention. The universe requires that we detach from the how, what, when and where elements of the intentions. We are asked to trust the universe and to allow ourselves to be in the moment. 


In the class of Sacred Priesthood, we learn about the magical and universal energies of creation. The magical and universal energies allow us to be creators or destroyers within our lives. We are physical magnets that attract into our lives the situations and outcomes that we are creating in our minds and emotions. When we are creators, we are connecting to the element of Fire.

The individual that is buried in negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs will create destruction in their lives. They believe that they are not worthy to be safe, secure or happy, so they create a live filled with disappointments, sadness and loneliness. They will attract individuals that are very similar to them into their lives and they will feed on each other’s negativity and they will amplify the energies. Think about it. The drug addict that tries to quit using drugs cannot continue to hang with the same friends, because they are tempted by the same behaviors over and over again. The individual that really wants to shift their life and stop using drugs has to create a new relationships and behaviors for their life in order to be successful. 

As magical creators, we understand that we must be diligent in monitoring our thoughts, emotions and actions in our lives. It is important that we continue to examine our relationships, the influences in our lives and the actions that we take in moving forward. We must focus on the goals that we set, be clear on the intentions that have been established and allow the universe to support us on our divine path. Sometimes this means trusting our intuitive guidance, reflecting on our current lives and being open to the direction that we have been given. 

It is important to remember that you must be grounded and within your physical body in order to bring in your intentions magically into this physical world. When we are grounded, you are connected to Earth. This allows us to create heaven on earth. We need all four elements: Air, Water, Fire and Earth to be the powerful creators that we were meant to be. 


What did you want to accomplish this year? What were your intentions for 2019? What still needs to be completed this year? What do you want to bring in next year? Take the time this month to reflect on your year. 

As you begin to prepare for 2020, take the time to think about this questions:

  1. NEW BEGINNINGS: What would you like to do new next year? What would you like to experience or do that is new? 
  2. SELF CARE: What self-care are you willing to commit to for 2020? Where do you need to take more time for you?
  3. CONNECTIONS: What new connections do you want to make? Do you need to mend any unhealthy connections within your life? 
  4. MOVEMENT: What areas of your life do you want to move forward in? 
  5. EMPOWERMENT: What areas of your life do you want to become more empowered? Where have you given your power away to others? 
  6. EXPANSION: What areas of your life do you want to learn more? Do you want to read more? Do you want to take a class?  
  7. FAMILY: What commitments are you willing to make to better the relationships, routines and traditions with your family? Do you need to take more time with them? Do you need to make them a priority? 
  8. MANIFESTATION: What would you like to manifest in your life next year? What are you ready to create? 
  9. REFLECTION: What will you do next year to reflect on your journey? What will be your commitments for the year?
  10. CREATION: What areas of magic do you want to bring into your life? How do you plan to be the creator of your own world? 
  11. SERVICE: What types of service will you commit to? What can you pay forward next year? Can you give your time, money or things to something you are passionate about? 
  12. COMPLETION: What will you complete next year? What have you postponed that needs to be finalized? 

These are the questions that we will answer in the classes, Sacred Candles of Intention, in October and November. This will allow everyone to create their goals and intentions for 2020.

Are you ready to move forward into 2020? Would you like to create the life that you desire?

I invite you to consider the Candle Workshop, Sacred Candles of Intention. I would love to be your Guardian and to assist you in being your own magical creator.  

 Written by Vialet Rayne, Magical Creator of Discover Your Spiritual Gifts 

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