What Is Cord Cutting?

What Are Cord Cuttings

What emotional attachments are you ready to release?

When we experience a strong emotion that lasts fifteen (15) minutes or more, we become attached to that experience, and we become corded to the emotional attachment. This attachment can be with an individual, a situation, or an event.

It can also be an attachment to a shadow. A shadow is a negative aspect of ourselves. Shadows are often hidden impulses that influence our everyday decisions. These can create a prison of fear, shame, regret, and self-sabotaging behaviors. If you would like to find out more about our shadow, you can pick up Debbie Ford’s book, The Shadow Effect.

We are emotionally corded to the major relationships in our life including our parents, spouses, partners, children, etc. These relationships may be positive or negative. When we have a sexual experience with another individual, we are corded to that individual for seven years after the last sexual experience unless we cut our cords with the individual. Yes, that is right! That individual is impacting our emotions and experiences for seven years after the relationship has ended if we do not cut our cords with them.

These cords are part of our emotional reactions, triggers, and experiences. These experiences and emotions can have a negative or a positive impact on our lives. What if you had an amazing relationship with your mother and you want to stay connected to her, should you cut cords with your mother? Absolutely! A cord cutting is a positive release, and it allows us to have healthier relationships in our life with everyone, and it releases our attachment.  

It is important that we cut these cords, so that we can experience life based on our own emotions and feelings versus the emotions and/or feelings created by the relationships that we have had or have in our life. A cord cutting will benefit you and the individual currently attached to you. This process will allow you both to have a better relationship without the unhealthy reactions or triggers that you may experience today.

If you had an emotionally abusive relationship with someone in your life, a cord cutting can start the healing process and allow you to remove those emotional triggers that can have negative impacts on other relationships in your life. In these circumstances, I would highly recommend a sixteen (16) petal cord cutting.

When we cut a cord or cords, we are healing your lotus petals. This healing modality allows you to release the triggers for the emotional reaction that you have when you are faced with similar experiences, relationships, and/or circumstances.

CORD CUTTING: A cord-cutting session is typically focused on an experience, emotion, or incident that has occurred in the individual’s life. This is a single session focused on one element.


There are three types of sessions:

  • ONE Session: This session includes one cord-cutting. They are for emotional attachments for individuals that have not had complete closure and healing for a particular relationship, incident, and/or experience. If you continue to feel triggered by the relationship or the memory of the incident in your past, you may need a cord-cutting. An example: A co-worker set you up to fail on a project at work. Your manager was disappointed with the outcome, and you were blamed for the failure of the project. NOTE: It typically takes at least four sessions to effectively release an emotional attachment and cords.

  • FOUR Sessions: These are four sessions of cord-cuttings. The sessions are focused on emotional attachments that have been impacting your life for more than five years. These attachments could be a past relationship or incident that has triggered you emotionally on a regular basis in your current life. These will be negative or toxic relationships or incidents that trigger deep emotional responses. Some of the most common situations include loss of job, loss of friendship, moving, divorce, etc.

  • FIVE Sessions: Over the last few years, I have noticed that cutting the cords and attachments may not be enough to dissolve all the triggers and emotions. There are other elements that have to be considered: contracts, declarations, and claims that have been formally or informally created, branding that has occurred due to control issues, and soul fragments that have been disconnected through trauma, abuse, or lack of self-love, etc. I offer a fifth session that connects with the Akashic Records to dissolve and release all remaining elements of the relationship, behavior ,and situation that are for the highest good of all involved.

  • SIXTEEN Sessions: These are sixteen sessions of cord-cuttings. The sessions are focused on relationships (lifetime, long-term, etc.), character flaws (shadows, destructive behaviors, addictions, etc.) or traumatic experiences or incidents.
    • Long-Term Relationships: These could be emotional attachments or cords to your parents, grandparents and/or siblings within your life. Cutting these cords does not mean that you are releasing your entire relationship with them. It is providing emotional healing for all that has happened in your relationship. It allows both parties to heal and release the damaging triggers that can happen in all future relationships based on the experiences that you had in these relationships.
    • Traumatic Experiences: These sessions will assist in healing the triggers of any extreme traumatic experience that may have including abuse, rape, major accidents, murder, etc. The experience will become a story without the emotional reactions of sickness, fear, anxiety, etc. It allows the individual to heal and find their freedom from the trap of fear that has been created in their life.
    • Character Flaws & Behaviors: The cord-cutting can release the emotional triggers that cause: compulsive behaviors, road rage, passive aggressive behavior, self-sabotage, self-sacrifice, low self-esteem, etc. It provides deep healing and allows the individual to shift and transform their lives.

The situations and circumstances vary depending on the severity of the attachment. Everyone deserves to experience their life free of these triggers of emotions that no longer serve them. When you heal and release the emotional attachment, you are able to experience your life based on your healthy experiences and belief systems.

When you heal yourself, you are healing seven generations forward and seven generations back. Think about the healing that needed by your family for generations. As a family, we tend to pass our emotional and mental imbalances from one generation to the next. This includes belief systems, generational programming, diseases, illnesses, etc. What are you ready to heal and release for your family? For yourself?

If you are ready to release, you can book a Cord Cutting with me at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts in Littleton, Colorado. Find out more about his process here.



Written by Vialet Rayne, Magical Creator of Discover Your Spiritual Gifts 

Vialet has been on a healing path her whole life. She has been called a spiritual guardian that is strongly connected and highly intuitive. A teacher, coach, healer, and spiritual leader that dreams of a peaceful and harmonious world.

Her mission is to provide individuals with the tools and resources to discover their own healing powers within themselves so they may empower their own lives. Vialet's spiritual journey has provided her with everyday life rituals, experiences, and spiritual wisdom that allow her to overcome difficult situations and to create a life that she has always dreamed of.

Vialet wants everyone to discover their spiritual gifts in the tools and rituals that will improve their lives and the lives of their families. Find out more about her here.

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