Dry Clearing Methods for Crystals

08.21 Dry Clearing Methods for Crystals 

Do you know how to clear your crystals?

Many of your crystals and minerals should not get wet so a wet clearly method isn't ideal. Fortunately, there are many different ways to clear your crystals safely.

The Dry Methods of Clearing Crystals

  • Dry Salt Bowl
  • Non-contact Salt Bowl
  • Master Crystal
  • Crystal Clearing Grid
  • Reiki Energy
  • Smudging
  • Incense
  • Breath
  • Crystal Bowl
  • Tibetan Bowl
  • Sun/Moon Energy

Dry Salt Bowl

A dry method of cleansing crystals is filling a glass bowl half-way with sea salt. You can use regular table salt if sea salt is not available. Place your crystals into the glass bowl of sea salt. You can bury the crystals under the sea salt or place them on top of the salt. They should be left in the bowl of salt overnight or up to several days, depending on the clearing needs of the crystals. After removing the crystals from the bowl of salt, rinse them thoroughly under cool running water (be aware that some crystals dissolve under water – such as Selenite – so you’ll want to avoid water with those). Once you have completed the process, dispose of the salt. The salt has absorbed negativity and should not be used for anything else.

Non-Contact Salt Bowl

A safe approach of cleansing crystals with salt, is to fill a glass bowl two thirds full of dry sea salt and place a drinking glass into the center of the bowl. You can place your crystals directly into the drinking glass without them touching the salt. The sea salt will clear the crystals through the glass.

After you have completed the process, dispose of the salt. You can take the salt out and give it back to Mother Gaia. The salt has absorbed all of the negativity and should not be used for anything else.

Master Crystal

Individuals that are connected, and work with crystals on a regular basis, often have a master crystal. A master crystal is like the name implies, “Master.” Master crystals are our teachers and healers. They transmit energy frequencies on a higher level of consciousness and soul level. They bring purity-of-heart to your life. You can use your master crystal to clean your other stones.

Crystal Clearing Grid

Create a crystal clearing grid for your crystals. Selenite is a powerful clearing tool. You can set up a crystal grid with selenite and other crystal energies. You can add clear quartz to amplify the energies and tourmaline for the grounding, cleansing, and protection energies.

Reiki Energy

If you are a Reiki practitioner or master/teacher, you can hold the crystals in your hands and activate your Reiki OR you can send Reiki energy over them.


You can use Palo Santo or white sage for smudging the crystals.  A smudging wand may come with white sage and other herbs. You would burn the wand or the dried herbs. You then clear your crystals with the smoke from the herbs and/or wood. 


You can use incense to clear your crystals. One of my favorite options is Nag Champa incense. Nag Champa is a fragrance of Indian origin. The oil or incense is a blend of Sandalwood and frangipani (plumeria). You could also purchase sage or palo santo incense to achieve a similar smudging effect.


You can use your breath to clear your crystals. Think about something beautiful or powerful as you blow over your crystals to cleanse them. This is an ancient technique for clearing your crystals. You can use your intention and focus your imagination on seeing the energies being washed away from your breath.

Crystal Singing Bowls

You can place your crystals around or in the room with a crystal bowl as you and/or someone else plays the bowls. The high vibration of the singing bowls will clear the crystals. Another option is playing singing bowl music around the crystals to clear them.

Tibetan Bowl

You can place your crystals within the Tibetan bowl and play the bowl with the crystal in the bowl, it will clear and charge your crystals. The vibration of playing the Tibetan bowl will clear the negative energy.

Sun/Moon Energy

You can leave your crystals out in the sun and moon light to cleanse any negative energies and vibrations from the crystals. You will want to leave them out for at least four hours. Your crystals can gain more enhanced energies when they are cleansed and recharged by the sun or moon.

Some crystals may lose their color if they are placed in the sunlight. They will fade over time or even lose their color completely.

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Written by Vialet Rayne, Magical Creator of Discover Your Spiritual Gifts 

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