Relationships and Communication

1.21 Clearing Your Space

How would your rate your communication skills?

The last few months, I have been processing how miscommunications can affect relationships. It can be so easy to miscommunicate or be misunderstood by someone that is not aware of the entire situation.

Mode of Communication

Miscommunications can occur based on the mode of communication. You are unable to see body language or hear the tones in a text message or email. Sometimes, we can be in a hurry, and we don’t take the time to really communicate effectively. We may read in-between the lines and get a false impression of what is really happening or being said. When it is important, what is your mode of communication?

Making Assumptions

Sometimes, we make assumptions about the individual’s intention. There is an assumption that someone meant to harm us with their words or actions. We only see the situation from our perspective, and we do not consider everyone’s perspective or the view from the other side of the conversation. When was the last time that you asked about the individual’s intention?

Choose Your Words

We sometimes make a poor choice in the words that we use OR we can be generationally challenged in our communication. Each generation has their own slang and uses words or phrases that not every generation will understand. When was the last time that you asked for clarification of the terms being used?

You may find that some topics (politics, religion, etc.) are not the best conversations to have with others. These can lead to heated discussions or hurt feelings. I have found that I would rather keep the relationship than to lose it over personal differences. When was the last time that you regretted having a conversation on a specific topic?

Rushing Your Thoughts

You can easily be misunderstood when you rush to respond, or you are working on too many things at the same time. It only takes once to miscommunicate, and you could lose a friend, connection, or customer. It is important that you take the time to communicate with others. You may not know that you have miscommunicated or offended someone in the rush.

Avoiding Conflict

Conflict is difficult and some people will avoid it all costs. We look for simple and easy solutions and we avoid asking the tough questions. This can be true of those close to us. We don’t ask because we are not sure that we want to know.

We have experienced times when a client or customer does not return, and we have no idea what happened. They never spoke to us about it and we were not given the opportunity to see their perspective or given the opportunity to understand.  The relationship ended with no explanation. I believe these miscommunications are the most difficult. You always wonder what could have been done differently.

The truth is the world is moving so fast. We are trying to juggle so much at one time. It is easy to get distracted or to rush through a response to someone that could lead to damaged relationship. I think we all need to slow down and enjoy the journey that we are on with each other. If you are unsure of someone’s intention or think you know the intention, take a moment, and ask before reacting.



Written by Vialet Rayne, Magical Creator of Discover Your Spiritual Gifts 

Vialet has been on a healing path her whole life. She has been called a spiritual guardian that is strongly connected and highly intuitive. A teacher, coach, healer, and spiritual leader that dreams of a peaceful and harmonious world.

Her mission is to provide individuals with the tools and resources to discover their own healing powers within themselves so they may empower their own lives. Vialet's spiritual journey has provided her with everyday life rituals, experiences, and spiritual wisdom that allow her to overcome difficult situations and to create a life that she has always dreamed of.

Vialet wants everyone to discover their spiritual gifts in the tools and rituals that will improve their lives and the lives of their families. Find out more about her here.

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