March is the Month for Relationships

March isthe Month of Relationships

Too often, in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we forget to take time to consider and nurture the various relationships in our lives. Human beings are social creatures, which makes our personal and professional relationships so important to our happiness and growth. The energy that March brings in every year reinforces the need for us to dedicate time and energy on building, supporting, and manifesting connections with others. 



New Relationships

Family Connections

Not everyone has the benefit of family connections. Sometimes, we lose those closest to us, experience unhealthy relationships, or live too far away to truly strengthen the familial bonds. I lost my parents and grandparents at a very early age. For me, that loss developed a craving to manifest and build family connections. I made a conscious decision to create new relationships in my life to build those family connections. A parent, grandparent, sibling or child does not have to be a blood relative to be family. If you long for these connections, focus on the manifestation energy needed to achieve your desired result and begin making choices that will help you create your own family connections.


If you feel like your life is lacking when it comes to quality friends, make the time to participate in activities that expose you to new people. These opportunities are necessary because the odds of you meeting new people dramatically increase when you have the courage to try new things and participate in new activities.

To increase the chances that you will be exposed to people that you connect with, be certain to participate in activities that sincerely interest you. Similar interests are a great foundation for building new friendships.

Here are some places you could start your search:

  • -       Meetup groups  
  • -       Professional/Church groups
  • -       Workshops/Classes (Colorado Free University:
  • -       Networking groups (Denver: )
  • -       Associations/Festivals

Be open to meeting new people. Make an effort to connect and open yourself up for attracting loving and trusting relationships into your life.


Have you been searching or hoping to attract your divine partner?

Make sure that you have room in your life for love. Does your home and your schedule have space for someone else? Are you ready to share the various parts of your life with a loving partner?

-       Self Love – The old saying that you cannot love another until you learn to love yourself is true. As we discussed in February, learning to love who you are is the building block for being able to truly connect and experience life with other people. Not focusing on you first may hinder your search for the right person, as you will not be consciously aware of what you truly need to be happy.

-       Manifest - Connect with your inner wisdom and confidence within yourself. Meditate on attracting the right individual into your life for a divine and life-long partnership.

-       Healing - Heal your fears and let go of the things that block you from moving forward in your life. Often we focus so much on all the external factors keeping us from finding love but we neglect to look inward and heal the broken pathways that hold us back.

-       Gratitude - Be grateful for your life and everything you currently have.  An attitude of gratitude is a wonderful, and effective, way to keep the focus on all the positive aspects of your life. Focusing on the good, will attract more love and light into your life, giving you even more to be grateful for.

Strengthening Relationships

Our first, and often closest, relationships are those with our family and friends. These connections are the foundation of who we are and where we come from. Not everyone has the benefit of having close and supportive bonds. If you do, remember to take time to show appreciation. It is too easy to take these ties for granted under the assumption that our loved ones will always be there for us, no matter what. Make it a point to reach out regularly, spend time with those that are close by, remember birthdays and special occasions, and do something selflessly for those we love from time to time.

Focus on YOU

We must focus on our actions and ourselves. Relationships take work and commitment. Commit to the relationships in your life. It is important that you understand that YOU are responsible for strengthening the relationships in your life.

The foundation of all your relationships should be unconditional love.  Pointing fingers, placing blame, or setting unrealistic expectations for other people will only hold you back and keep you from the love and attention you desire from others.

“In doing something, do it with love or never do it at all.” Gandhi

Making Deposits

Make deposits in all of your relationships instead of withdraws. Joel Osteen has talked about making deposits in the relationships in your life. It is important that we give and make deposits into the relationships we value and want to keep strong. A deposit could be your time, a kind word, supportive action, a hug or many other things.  Learning the Love Language of the people you care about most will help you make the most impactful and meaningful deposits.

Healing Relationships 

Reason, Season or Lifetime

A vital revelation, that many people miss, is understanding the purpose of a particular relationship in our lives. Not everyone is meant to be a long-term friend or relationship. Some people come into our lives for a very specific purpose and then are meant to leave. Since we don’t recognize this concept, we tend to cling to relationships we are not meant to have long-term, creating unhealthy attachments and suffering.  Sometimes people come into our world for a reason, or a season, and some are lifetime connections. Here is a poem and a video that goes into depth on the differences in these three relationship models.

Negative & Unhealthy Relationships

You must let go of negative & unhealthy relationships. If you surround yourself with individuals that hold on to the negative things in life, you need to let go of those relationships and attract positive relationships in life.  Ignore those feelings of guilt associated with the letting go process. At the end of each day, your time is short and your minutes are precious.  If you are the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with, you need to evaluate the value of each of your relationships.

Healing Relationships

It’s essential to understand that you can only control yourself and that healing starts with you. Let go of resentment, disappointment, jealousy, expectations, suffering and pain acquired from the relationships in your life. Each of these experiences are lessons. Think about what you have learned. What was the mirror reflection that you were supposed to see in the relationship? If you are finding it difficult to let go of an attachment or an emotion related to a damaging relationship, look into cord cutting. This process can separate the emotions related to that attachment, allowing you to see things more clearly and finally move forward onto better, and more rewarding, relationships. 

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