April is the Month of Blossoming

April isthe Month of Blossoming

I don’t know about you, but the transition from Winter to Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. You can smell Spring as the sun brings everything back to life. The weather changes are most welcome. Don’t fight the urge to open the windows and let the warmth in! 

When it comes to spiritual energy, the month of April is about blossoming. Not only are the trees and grass and flowers blooming once again, these same possibilities for growth can be found within us as well. Those seeds that you have planted to improve your circumstances – are they ready to bud and bloom?



Take Charge of Your Spring Fever

It’s almost as if a blanket of lethargy slides off of each of us once Spring arrives. We have more energy – which is why spring cleaning is so popular. We start finding excuses to be outside more often. These spring fever urges do wonders for our mindset and mood. Don’t let this energy go to waste. Here are some ways to make spring fever work in your favor:

Physical Movement

Your muscles have been looking forward to this for months! It’s time to find a way to incorporate physical activity and movement into your daily schedule. Join a gym. Go for walks. Take the pup to the dog park. Swim. Dance. Bike. Whatever appeals to you the most, make time to move. Plan some fun adventures and go exploring!

Eat Light

Hibernation is over. To truly embrace spring, eating lighter could do wonders. Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your meals. Become more mindful about what you eat. Mindfulness is a great way to become more aware and regain control of your eating habits.


With the time change and the sun developing a new routine, you may find that you are sleeping less. Sleep is important. if you are worried about the loss of sleep, brainstorm some ways to either take naps during the day or develop a routine to help you fall asleep earlier. Some great tips for those that struggle to fall asleep:

  1. Avoid technology either after dinner or at least an hour before you plan to lie down. The blue light of technology activates areas of that brain that make it difficult to sleep.
  2. Drink some warm tea or milk.
  3. Turn off all the lights in your room (including all those gadget lights).
  4. Find a calming and relaxing activity you can engage in before trying to sleep (baths work wonders!).
  5. Find a routine that helps you prep for bedtime.

Spring Cleaning

Once you start opening the windows and letting the light in, it’s going to be apparent that the remnants of winter are still lingering. Time to do some cleaning! Overwhelmed already? Check out this 30 Day checklist to break up the work over the course of the month.


Spring feels good! Use this positive energy to keep that momentum and that feeling going strong. Smiling is so powerful and impactful – not only for you but also for everyone that interacts with you. Struggling with keeping a lighter mindset? Check out Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project podcast for inspiration.


Gardening not only provides you with food, herbs, and flowers to supplement your shopping and save you money, it’s also an opportunity to live more naturally. An added benefit is that many people that engage in planting and gardening find the activity itself to be rewarding. It’s a fantastic way to keep the mind engaged and feel great about creating something independently.

“If a gardener plants a thousand kinds of seeds, he will get a thousand kinds of plants: it is the same in mind.”

Dr. Ernest Holmes

Spiritual Practices for Spring

Those are plenty of practical ideas for how to deal with your spring fever, but how do your incorporate this blossoming energy into your spirituality this month?

Rejuvenating Rituals

Start each day with your rejuvenating rituals. These could be sacred rituals, prayers, purposeful pauses, reflection or gratitude. Create space within your daily schedule to start the morning with positive routines and rituals that refresh your mind and spirit.

Clearing Space

Regularly clear your mind, and your space. Your inner calm will be boosted by your outer calm. Time to tidy up, declutter and organize your home and office. Set a space that is sacred to you. Clear your mind using meditation, breathing exercises, or practical activities (taking a walk) that bring you daily peace and reflection time.

Reconnecting With Spirit

To blossom and bloom, you’ll need to break away from your regular routines and try something new. Find a teacher, take a spiritual course, go on a retreat, or spend time away to focus on your spirituality. Nature can be a great resource for reconnecting with Spirit. 

Focus on the Physical

It might be difficult to focus on your growth if your physical needs aren’t being tended to. Health is truly the new wealth. Whether it be a cleanse/detox, regular massages, better eating habits, more physical activity, a new trainer, or simply focusing more on your wellness – don’t let your physical discomfort keep you from blossoming!

Cultivate Your Relationships

Spend time with the people that you care about the most. Find time to experience life. Keep play as a priority. Get outside and have adventures and experiences. Make memories with your family, friends, and partner.

Winter is a time to hibernate. Spring is about rebirth. The trees begin to blossom, the flowers bloom and we feel the newness in the air. Take the time for new beginnings in your life: new relationships, new habits, new spiritual growth. Spread your wings and blossom. 

What is blooming within you right now? Let the excitement in and welcome the changes to come! What new experiences, opportunities or outcomes await you in 2017? Are you ready to transition to a lighter, happier, and more fulfilled version of yourself? 


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