May Brings In the Beauty

May Brings in the Beauty

The beauty of Spring reminds us to take time and notice the beauty within ourselves and the beauty all around us. As Spring comes, the trees and flowers begin to bloom and pop out of their winter hibernation and to dance in the wind.

What is beauty? How do we define our beauty and the beauty around us?



The world would like us to think that beauty is perfection. The world of marketing would have us to believe that physical perfection is required to be seen as beautiful. What if they are wrong? If you are created from source and source is perfection, how can you be anything but perfect?

You are perfect just as you are. You have been perfected from source and you hold the beauty of yourself and your inner soul. When you look in the mirror, recognize all the beautiful things about you and all the things that make your physically who you are. It is time that we stop being so critical of ourselves and embrace our true beauty.


The individuals in your life that love and adore you see your inner beauty. Our soul is part of the inner beauty within us. When we connect within ourselves, we get to embrace our divine perfection. This divine perfection is the place of your inner beauty.

Did you get the opportunity to watch the movie, The Shack? This movie is based on the self-published novel that became a USA Today bestseller. The story is about a father that is struggling with his relationship with God after his youngest daughter is abducted and killed. In the movie, Mack gets to spend a weekend with God and he learns how God sees us. Our inner beauty shines through in this movie.

NOTE: We will be watching The Shack during our Movie Night in June. Come and join us on Friday, June 16th at 6 pm.


When was the last time that you stopped and noticed something beauty outside or around you? The weather is getting warmer and Spring is here. Take some time in the next few weeks to get out in nature and notice the beauty that has been created for you to enjoy. It could be a walk in the park, hike in the mountains, a family outing to the zoo or just a day trip drive to someplace that you have never been before.

May is about noticing the BEAUTY in our lives. I hope you will take a moment to spend some time with yourself, the people you love and the world around you.

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