June is About Growing & Evolving

June Is About Growing Evolving

June is a great month to reflect on your personal growth. As a spiritual seeker, I am always eager to learn and grow, personally and spiritually. I dedicate a portion of my yearly intention on personal and spiritual growth. I believe that many of us want to discover the mysteries of the universe and the universal truths. It has been a journey for me and I have been seeking knowledge and truth for over twenty years and I will be on this journey for the rest of my life. What areas of growth are you focused on and what are you interested in?



There are numerous ways to focus on personal growth. It may be personal growth in your profession or career, your relationships with friends and family, and/or self-improvement programs to shift behaviors or belief systems.  We may choose to:

  • Return to school and get the degree we always wanted.
  • Focus on certifications or get training in new professional skills.
  • Research and read books, articles or online sources to learn new things, concepts, theories or historical information.
  • Attend classes, workshops or education programs to gain knowledge in a specific area or program.

Life-long learning keeps our mind fresh and active. It gives us new perspectives and allows us to evolve in our personal growth. What types of personal learning are you focused on for 2017? What would you like to learn this year?


I believe that spiritual growth allows us to re-connect with what our soul already knows. Many of us are curious about universal mysteries and truths. We may have a deep knowing or consider all the possibilities that are presented about the evolution of life and this planet. Everyone’s belief systems vary and those variations make us unique and special just as we are. Each of us aison a special journey of reconnecting with what we already know within ourselves.

How will you continue with your spiritual growth? What is your focus on growth for 2017? There are many ways that we can focus on spiritual growth including:

  • Meditation & Prayer
  • Healing & Letting Go
  • Spiritual Studies & Research
  • Classes, Workshops & Spiritual Retreats/Conferences

If you are like me, you will continue your journey of growth every year and will dedicate a portion of your yearly intentions setting focuses on personal and spiritual growth. 

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