July is for Celebrating

July Is The Month of celebrating

Our lives are filled with celebrations. We celebrate birth, as well as all a growing person’s milestones: birthdays, continuations, graduations, and retirements. There are the earned accomplishments such as professional recognition, competitions, or promotions. People celebrate their relationships by honoring engagements, marriages, anniversaries, and reunions.  There are seasons and holidays and traditions – each an opportunity for making memories and marking a moment in our lives. Whether it’s honoring our heritage or rejoicing in the company of people who are like us – celebrations are grand displays of gratitude, hope, and love. These special occasions are important for everyone – demonstrating recognition for what we hold dear.

Spring, summer, fall and winter – the solstice and the equinox – the phases of the moon, all honored and recognized. Celebrating our triumphs is an ancient tradition, whether it was a feast or a solstice, these are marked moments of our lives. Rites of passage as we progress through the years and hit another milestone or decade, whether it is turning 13 or turning 65 – these are moments for celebration.

Why are celebrations important? Do we need to observe and remember all of life’s ups and downs? How does ceremony and tradition benefit our lives?

To celebrate life on a daily basis is a way to develop an “attitude of gratitude” that can literally transform our outlook on life and our ability to more deeply enjoy what we already have.

Janice Holly Booth

Instead of looking at celebration from the angle of throwing a party or being extravagant, what if we practiced regular celebration in honor of all our blessings? If each time we celebrated we approached it from the intention of being grateful for the people and the moments of our lives this could keep us in an attitude of gratitude we could carry through each year.

While there are plenty of big occasions for this, we could allow the spirit of celebrating to be present more often. Imagine if you woke up each morning and celebrated the day ahead? Stretch and plot out the joy that waits for you as you interact with your loved ones and accomplish your to-do list.

All of those reasons to be grateful are also opportunities to celebrate! Thank people often, expressing your sincere gratitude and appreciation out loud. Learn how to appreciate the negatives and hardships life throws your way because each of them is a chance for growth and gratitude. Look into various ways to express gratitude regularly to come up with ways to keep the celebration spirit alive. Start applying better habits into your routine to keep your attitude in the right place.

What are you celebrating this year in your life? What ceremony are you connecting to right now? 

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