August Is the Month of Harvesting

The month of August is about HARVESTING. What have you been harvesting in your life this year? We are powerful creators and we create our own world and lives.

Do you remember the book or the movie, The Secret? The book was originally published in 2006. The author Rhonda Byrne shared with us her own journey of discovery and the Laws of Attraction. She shared how many of the greatest people who have ever lived used this universal law to transform their lives.

 As a business executive in a Fortune 500 company, I worked in this world cloaked. I did not share my beliefs or gifts openly. However, I used my gifts daily as part of my survival in the muggle world. I noticed that the employees working in the organization would have quotes or graphics of The Secret posted at their workstations. Many of these individuals struggled with the basics from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. They were not able to pay their rent, find responsible caregivers for their children or maintain healthy relationships with partners.

If they understood the Laws of Attraction, why were they still struggling with the basic needs of their life? The spiritual truth lies in their ability and understanding of how to plant positive seeds. How do you plant positive seeds within your life that support your spiritual journey?

There are numerous ways that we plant seeds and create within us the power of the Universal Laws. Some of these laws include:

  • - Law of Divine Oneness
  • - Law of Vibration
  • - Law of Action
  • - Law of Correspondence
  • - Law of Cause and Effect
  • - Law of Compensation
  • - Law of Attraction
  • - And, more  . . . .

These laws work even if you do not have any beliefs supporting them. One of the basic understandings of these laws is that positive energies attract positive things into our lives. If we focus attention on our lives and commit to only having positive influences in our lives, then we create positive outcomes. These positive influences include consuming media (TV, movies, books, etc) that feed our soul in a beneficial way, listening to uplifting music that makes you want to sing and dance, nurturing friendships or relationships that bring joy into our lives and engaging with opportunities that support our journey.

These influences include our career, work or professional landscape. If you are working at a job that you hate, that does not provide joy in your life or requires that you remain hidden, it is time to make a change. The universe is waiting for us to trust and commit to the life that we were born to do. When we step out into that space, the universe will meet us in the middle of our dreams.

Take some time this month to ponder the seeds that you are planting in your life. Is your life filled with positive influences? Do you show genuine gratitude for what the universe provides you? Are you harvesting joy and abundance in your life?

If your life is not filled with all the magic and joy that you deserve, invest in your future and schedule an Akashic Record Reading with Vialet and begin the transformation of your future. 

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