September Is the Month of Preparation

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The month of September is about PREPARATION. Wow, can you believe that the children have return to school and summer is ending? Did it seem like the summer just raced by us? I typically spend time at the pool and travel to the beach in the summer. I did not get an opportunity to enjoy the summer sun and fun this year.

Last fall, I began manifesting and creating my dream of having a Spiritual Education and Healing Center in September. My family and I were discussing the possibilities last September. I focus on preparation in the month of September. 

I focus on preparation in the month of September. It is a month of deep reflection on what I have created and accomplished in the year, what did not get done that I wanted to do and what new things that I want to create in my life.


Have you thought about your 2017 year? What did you create and accomplish? What was missing in your life? The reason that this is a good month of reflection is that it gives us the opportunity to think about what we want to bring into our life in 2018. We are powerful creators of our lives. We can accept what the universe is creating for us based on our words and actions in our present life or we can begin to be the magical creators that we are.  

The universe is waiting on clear direction.  Tom is always lovingly telling me that all he needs is clear direction. He is so right! We can tend to be unclear of what we want in our lives. It is time to shift those behaviors and habits so we can start create what we want. The universe wants us to step in to our creations and to trust the natural flow of life. Have you ever experienced getting what you wanted and you get this overwhelming feeling of fear? Our fears create the action of us moving back and reversing our process. We begin to doubt ourselves or we are afraid of the outcome. When this happens, the universe pulls back what you were trying to create. You create your reality based on your words, actions and reactions to things that are happening in your life. When you set clear direction, hold a space of gratitude and take action to move forward and grow; the universe supports you and you create your world as the magical creator you are.

This month, I am challenging you to think about what you would like to create and sign up for one of my Year End Candle Workshops in October or November and let me guide you through a sacred process of setting clear directions in your intention candles.


We will spend five sacred hours together setting clear intentions for what we want to create in your life in 2018. I have heard a few of you describe me as a “Magical Creator.” This is a special invitation for you to come and experience how I create and set my intentions for my dreams.

You will make a candle of intention for each month in 2018. You will be responsible for setting a sacred space for you to burn your candle each month focused on your intentions and the energies supporting you for the month, This is a divine process of magical intentions.

These classes will fill up fast!!!! Sign up today.


Discover Your Spiritual Gifts will have a booth at Celebration Fair (Mind, Body & Spirit) on September 8th, 9th and 10th.  The fair is at the Denver Mart and it opens on Friday at 1 pm. Come and pick up a bag from us at booth #228. I hope to see everyone there.

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