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Spring Equinox Rituals

03 22 Spring Equinox Rituals

Can You Believe that Spring is Here?

I love this time of year. The Spring Equinox 2022 is Sunday, March 20th.

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Crystal Collection Series: Crystals for Confidence

2.21 Crystal Collection Series

Tiger Eye Gold, Red Jasper, Sunstone, & Honey Calcite

These crystals will bring in confidence. If you are struggling with your confidence in your personal life or at work, these crystals can assist you in bringing the creativity and confidence needed to move forward.  

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Crystal Collection Series: Crystals for Peace

2.21 Crystal Collection Series

Blue Lace Agate/Chalcedony, Blue Calcite, Howlite, & Larimar

These crystals will assist you with creating peace and harmony in your life. They can also support you with shifting the energies at work. Allow them to bring peace and harmony into all areas of your life.

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Relationships and Communication

1.21 Clearing Your Space

How would your rate your communication skills?

The last few months, I have been processing how miscommunications can affect relationships. It can be so easy to miscommunicate or be misunderstood by someone that is not aware of the entire situation.

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Self-Love Assessment

1.21 Clearing Your Space

What does it mean to love yourself?

February is the month of LOVE. It is also the month to love yourself. When was the last time that you loved yourself? 

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Business Corner: Have a Strategic Plan

2.21 Business Have a Strategic Plan

Do you have a strategic plan for your business?

Do you manage the changes that happen in the market and with consumer needs? The market is constantly changing and consumer needs shift.

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