Vickie Davis

Type of Readings

Vickie offers a 30-minute “live” hand reading or a 90-minute “printed” reading. Live readings will include lines and markers seen on your hands as we sit together. Printed readings will include printing of the hands or taking digital photos, then a reading from the prints. Additional sessions and packages are available.

As a Certified Hand Analyst, I will be providing Scientific Hand Analysis (a non-predictive modality). Hand Analysis can lead you out of frustration into a greater piece of mind while providing you the means to create the change in your life that you desire and deserve.


My training includes but is not limited to: Certified at Level l, Level ll, Level lll (2 years) and Level lV. The Level lll certification required completion of reading a minimum of 200 sets of hands.

Of course, I have read all of my families prints. "Paint and Print" Parties are available were I give mini readings to guests and they create a piece of art to take home. Mini readings have been held at: The Street Party in Old Towne Littleton, a high school prom after party, grocery store lines and for any total strangers I’m called to help.
  • Member of World Wide Resource 
  • Member of The Hand Factor Master Mind
  • Team member at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts


"Vickie has been an extraordinary student of hand analysis since May 2015. Since then she has been consistently engaged through four levels of extensive professional training and practice with the American Academy of Hand Analysis. She has diligently persisted in her studies through turbulent changes in her life. With curiosity and determination, she has courageously looked into the natural etchings mapped into her own hands and developed life skills to transform the challenges she faced into strength of character, stamina for life and sources of true knowledge. Vickie is an incredible giver. She eagerly shares her wisdom in fun and creative ways so that the clients can immediately apply the information into their lives that she reads in their hands. I've especially admired Vickie for using the extensive scientific database she has learned to design and deliver intriguing workshops to introduce people to hand analysis. If anyone is lucky enough to sit in front of Vickie for a private reading or a group workshop he or she will immediately recognize a remarkable woman who delivers profound insights for purposeful and practical living." Kay

"Before walking into an Attune Analysis class I was skeptical. I thought there was no way that someone could tell me things about myself that I didn’t already know. After my first class I was hooked! Studying my palms and fingerprints and the research behind Scientific Hand Analysis helped me understand certain tendencies I have and what parts of my life I need to pay attention to. I’ve learned so much about myself from Vickie’s readings and classes and it helps me take better care of myself and my needs! Vickie presents the material in way that’s easy to understand. With handouts, examples of what you’re looking for and at (classes) and written reports for readings you are able to thoroughly comprehend the information and become confident in understanding. The classes are always a friendly, supportive environment! Vickie helps me find a way to view every trait I find in a positive light and understand what my strong suits are. The information I’ve learned about myself in these classes has helped me strengthen my relationships and feel more confident with myself and my actions. Not to mention I’m always looking at other people’s hands to learn how I can better interact with them! I recommend Vickie’s classes and readings to anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves!" Dani

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Monday - Thursday from 10 am to 8 pm
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5808 S Rapp St, Suite 275
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